My first channel Intro!


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This is my first channel intro. I'm just looking for some feedback on what you guys think about it. This is the original video I made in Adobe After Effects

This is the edited version that I'm using for my intro:

I've already uploaded my first motovlog to my channel, but I'm not able to add it to member vlogs yet.
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I agree the short 4 sec with music does rock! You definitely have some great talent there.

The longer version could be used for an outro or space/screensaver in some way. Kind of like when a TV station had their "please stand by".

I could see the long version with a text fade in after a second listing contact info.

Or better yet, you could use it as is and then have YouTube post a video on each side for the viewer to choose from. Maybe back it with a little static hum just for effect

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Are you planning on throwing in some text as well? Maybe following the same glitch so it's a name and a logo juxtaposed.
I'll work around with some text once I get my new logo. I'm gonna have to redo the intro anyway with the new logo.

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I took the videos on this thread down because I will be uploading a new intro with my new logo very soon!
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