1. IIDaXuSII

    Hey, I'm's Not Freezing In Miami So I Shall Ride On!!!!

    Well the title pretty much says it, im a starting moto-vlogger/gamer...what else is new, but if you're down, check me out and tell me what you think! Ride safe, Ride FAST!

    General Old Quad Bike Ride


    General 2005 Honda Cr250r Ride In Nz

  4. burlyjack

    General Do I Ever Get Tired Of Riding?

    I often get asked if I ever get tired of riding or why I enjoy it so much, considering I ride to work almost every day. Do I get tired of commiting? Yes. Do I get tired of cruisin?...... Nah!
  5. burlyjack

    General Why I Ride

    A brief video showing my favorite clips and pictures over the past few years. I get people ask me why I take this biker thing so seriously. Well, there's nothing like it really. I hate to sound cliche but if you have to ask you wouldn't understand.
  6. BlakShadow

    Guide Swapping Shifters

    The Honda Shadow ACE 1100 came with a proper heel/toe shifter for a cruiser. The previous owner of my bike cut the heel portion off. I bought a replacement shifter off eBay for $14 to return it to its original functionality.
  7. 2

    General Honda Rider In Japan. Carl In Japan.

    Hello just started a motovlog. Made lots of errors, but the more I post the better I'll get. Thank you so much for all the help and support and learning I get on this forum. I hope you can watch and subscribe if you like. Randomness of Japan, my ridiculous life , and my love for toys and bikes...
  8. Temporary Citizen

    Long Time, No Citz

    Hey guys, I have not posted on here in ages, I kept meaning to come back but I finally have. I've been through a few bikes now, and have finally hit the 1k subs mark, so hopefully that snowballs pretty quickly ;) Here is my latest video, I feel the quality is getting better, and I've been...
  9. Scootnfool

    My Little Honda

    i know some bikers get all uppity about Scooters. I've heard it all: "That's not a real bike!" "Don't let your skirt fly up!" Etc. I just have people look at my odometer. My current machine was purchased last August. When I arrived at work today it had over 10,800 miles on it. Plus, I...
  10. Tash

    General Would You Spare 1 Min?

    Literally doing EVERYTHING I can to keep things AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. It's also good practice for me to stop talking too much. Let me know what you think. I'm gradually adding new camera angles, creative ways to cut and other shit... Took on feedback from the last one too -exit fades out...
  11. JScrambler

    My First Bike - 73 Honda Cl350

    This is my first bike, a 1973 Honda CL350. Not the most beautiful bike by today's standards, but I love it. She's taking some work to get her to riding condition. So I can't motovlog this year. I actually don't mind working on it. I'm learning so much. Cleaning carbs, tuning, etc is helping me...
  12. DutchyDoes

    Hi From The Netherlands

    Hi! This is DutchieDoes, a rookie MotoVlogger from the Netherlands. I've just started out motovlogging (since one week). Besides I love riding my bike, I also enjoy the filming, editting, uploading (and the excitement whether people are actually watching ;-) ) I ride a 2002 Honda CBR 954rr...
  13. MrPsoRider

    How Much Is The Honda Zoomer X Cash?

    photo attachment not mine..ctto :)
  14. Aleks

    Changing The Camshafts On My Bike.

    Hi guys and gals, I have a question for the people with a bit more experience with bikes than me... I have a Honda Varadero XL125 53 plate and it will go to 70 quite happily, the problem is ill be at about 11,500 rpm which means my bike will be revving its tits off and drinking fuel. All the...
  15. F4celess

    General A Typical Norwegian Riding Lesson

    Decided to record one of my riding lessons this week and it turned out pretty well. Might do it for the mandatory racetrack lesson as well. Do you find "vlogs" like this interesting? Anything I should change to the presentation of it?
  16. IronicRbnd

    General Cop Chase, Need4speed Fail

  17. Scottyos

    In The Shadow Of The Neon Sign Museum

    Sorry for the bad joke, but here's my shadow beside the neon sign museum here in edmonton. I was looking for a nice way to show off my bike and it's a neat part of town. Anyways here's two photos that I had taken the other night.
  18. Scottyos

    A Canadian Cruiser (#yeg)

    Hey there everyone! I'm Scottyos from Edmonton Alberta Canada, just getting into motovlogging. For me personally riding is a great way to escape from my mind running a hundred miles a minute. I'm still getting things sorted out but have a few videos on youtube, Still working on getting all the...
  19. IronicRbnd

    Review Honda Cbr 1000rr Testride

  20. Dark Rider

    General Saying Goodbye To My Honda Cbr600rr

    So I've sold my CBR600 as I want to go back to an upright naked bike. Nothing against the CBR its a brilliant bike but for me its just really working to well for the daily commute. Any way, hopefully I'll have my new bike by next week but will have to wait and see.
  21. Motorpsych

    Tallest Statue In Japan And My Honda

    I give a tour of this Buddha statue in my latest motovlog. It's the third tallest statue in the world.
  22. HV Smiley

    New Guy From Alabama!

    Hello all! I didn't want to throw my opinions all over the place without first formally introducing myself! My alias is Hi-Viz Smiley, sadly that wouldn't fit on this forum. :( Anyways, just another motovlogger starting off in this quickly growing community. I ride a dual sport, and frequently...
  23. Motorpsych

    Review 10 Things I Love About My Bike

  24. Mr fish

    Funny Honda Grom Road Rage Lol

    some might find this amusing , I did lol
  25. IronicRbnd

    Serious Cbr Crash!!

  26. Motorpsych

    Biplane And My Honda

  27. Hoodie

    Hoodierider - Amsterdam Motovlogger

    Hey guys! Nice to meet you, i'm Arnie, a.k.a Hoodierider. I am a 24 year old dutch guy that just stepped into the magical world of motorcycles. I will publish my video's on youtube that i've made while driving around and having fun. Currently i'm riding a Honda GL500 Silverwing I use a Gopro...
  28. RoadSprock

    Funny Honda Grom | Baffles Out | Bikes Back | Hooliganshenanigans
  29. Dark Rider

    General First Ride On My Honda Cbr 600rr

    Finally the first ride video is up. Its not the greatest but its exactly the first time I ever rode the bike.....dead battery and all! haha enjoy :)
  30. Sidewinder

    2011 Honda Shadow Rs.

    My Shadow at the beach in Malibu, CA.

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