1. chrisw959

    Fog and Sunrise

    Snapped another sunrise shot after a night shift
  2. chrisw959

    General First Ride: 2018 Honda CBR125R

    So here's a new series for the channel. Yes I am aware Chase and TMF uses the title but Spicy uses First Impressions. Hopefully I can my hands on a few more bikes for 30 mins at a time. Won't give to much away but I was impressed
  3. chrisw959

    Arriving At The Isle Of Man

    I went to the Isle Of Man TT practice week. As soon as we landed we stooped of by the coast. Even with the panniers, duffel bag and lightly my Kriega R25 got there and back no problem.
  4. chrisw959

    The Honda Waiting For The Others

    So I was on the Stephen Sutton Ride Out (video soon) before heading to main meeting point I met up with a few wallers and other people I know. For a change I was the first one there. There was 16 of us that met up there first. Sat waiting Just a few of us.
  5. chrisw959

    Made It To The Ace

    I was in London yesterday with about 22,000 other bikes. Photos and videos to come. But on the way back we stopped off at the Ace. My first time. Stickers were purchased
  6. chrisw959

    Blithfield Reservoir & DK 29.03.19

    A couple of shots from Blithfield Reservoir and DK Motorcycles with Graham, Graham and Rob. Video coming to your screens soon.
  7. HippoDrone

    General Getting all Adventury in Hampshire

    Big_Pezza and I headed over to Loomies Moto Cafe to meet up with Lamb Chop Rides, Womble and our guide Dan to head out into the wildes of Hampshire's green lanes. It was a bloomin marvellous day and proper hard work, but so rewarding and we had a proper giggle. My Beta is looking quite battered...
  8. chrisw959

    A Trip To Bridgenorth

    A last minute to The Ship at Highley near Bridgenorth as well as a stop for the Bradford Arms bike night with Graham and Graham. The Ship Inn at Highley The Bradford Arms at Wheaton Aston
  9. HippoDrone

    A few pics from a rideout last week...

    Went out with Big_Pezza, Lamb Chop Rides, Womble and a chap called Dan exploring some of Hampshire's green lanes. I'll be posting a video at some point, but here are a few pics from the day :)
  10. chrisw959

    My Mates Graham's New Vulcan S

    From a couple days ago where I bumped into my mate Graham going to opposite way down the A5. Caught him up and went and had a look in Sutton Motorcycles at Tamworth. His added the screen which was from is Kawasaki W800 and a pair of universal leather panniers.
  11. chrisw959

    Back In Wales 13.03.19

    Decided since I had the day of last week I'd take a run up to the Pondersa
  12. chrisw959

    Up At The Ponderosa

    Decided a trip back to the Ponderosa was in order. I'd been on the Hartford but not on 500. It's a lot comfier this time
  13. chrisw959

    Funny Blasting Around On A CRF250L

    So here's something completely different from me. Needless to say I've flamming loved it and know want one. There was one drop at the end.
  14. chrisw959

    Back In Derbyshire

    Was back in Derbyshire again at the weekend. Called it to The Yonderman Café just outside of Bakewell
  15. chrisw959

    Honda @ The Trent Lock

    Took a run out on Tuesday. Ended up at Trent lock. Nice pub and it is also where the Trent mets the River Soar, Erewash Canal, Trent & Mersey Canal and the Upper part of the Trent.
  16. chrisw959

    General Forums, Facebook & Website

    A little update of what I've been up too with the poor weather
  17. chrisw959

    General A Day Out 27.01.19

    Since last Sunday was the first day with decent weather and more importantly no salt. So it warranted a day out on the Honda
  18. chrisw959

    General New Bike Time

    It's new bike time. Ok so I've had it since 1st December 18 but its new to my channel
  19. chrisw959

    General Happy New Year & Stuff

    So happy new year and all that. Heres a quick update with a few plans for 2019 too. Hoping to be out and about a lot more this year with both bikes.
  20. chrisw959

    Back At The NMA

    Was out at the beginning of the week. Had a blast out with my mate Graham and decided to stop by the NMA on the way back.
  21. chrisw959

    Little And Large

    Had the delight of cleaning the Honda so thought I'd wash the Hartford too. Also means I could get a good snap
  22. chrisw959

    A Sunday Bimble

    Back in Derbyshie. Ashbourne to The Yonderman Cafe. Then to Macclesfield via The Cat and Fiddle. Across to Buxton via The Cat and Fiddle again and down into Matlock. back to Ashbourne then home again. Grand total of 178 miles. Very pretty mind. No video as I didn't charge a second Drift battery...
  23. chrisw959

    2007 Hartford Hd125l

    Heres my ride. A 2007 Hartford HD125L its pretty much a copy of the Honda CG125 engine wise and the frame is a copy of the Suzuki GN125. Currently sat just below 17,000km on the clock. Spent most of its life just standing. Cost me £100 for the bike in December 2015, £50 to go and get it in fuel...
  24. Reize

    Review 2016 Honda Cbr150r (thai Ver.) Review

    I think I'm getting better at videography.
  25. motoserafi

    New Motovlogger !!

    HY guys, I'm Serafin, 24. live in the UK but I'm a nice Romanian guy. Recently I get a GoPro and I start to record everything when I ride. I don't have an idea what I'm doing. But I think this is the perfect place for people like me who started this hobby if I can say that. So im riding a Honda...
  26. RealSteveB

    General I Still Make Mix Cds

    The radios in my cars are old so I still make mix CDs, and I give a lil update on my Old Honda CB350,and some plans for the BMW R60. Hopefully the video quality is better than in my last video. Looks fine on my end, but others have said otherwise.
  27. DangerousD

    94 Honda Shadow

    Here are some shots of my 1994 Honda Shadow VLX 600. First is at the Ottawa Aviation museum before swapping out the bars. Second is on Bate Island between Ontario and Quebec with my drag bars
  28. burlyjack

    Right Out Of The Storm

    This was coming out of a major storm. There was a double rainbow but my phone didn't pick it up too well
  29. JScrambler

    My New Bike!!

    I finally got the bike I wanted. A 1975 Honda CB750k5. She runs with minor defects. There are things that I have to fix, but that's to be expected on a 42 year old bike. I'm hoping to start vlogging soon, I'm still trying to get set up with vlogging gear.
  30. burlyjack

    Just Making My Way Downtown

    Snapped this pic while making my last vlog. My phone sucks but Instagram makes it a little better :)