Here Comes Sonicsix...


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Feb 24, 2017
I ride a
2016 Honda NM4
Been riding since childhood. A spinal cord injury in 1990 took me off of motorcycles and put me on scooters (I can't use my left foot to shift any more.) A wreck (not my fault) in 2013 nearly wiped me out, but I am finally released and can ride again. I bought a new 2016 Honda NM4 and all the gear I think I will need to participate in this forum. I live in central Alabama south of Birmingham and west of Tuscaloosa.

I am looking forward to conversing with you all on the forum and perhaps riding with you. I am a friendly guy just not all that talkative in real life.

I used to play Quake in the 90s and got the nickname SuperSonic because I killed people so quickly. When HotMail came out, I tried to create an account using SuperSonic but it was taken. It suggested sonic6... I changed that to sonicsix and the rest is history.

Ride safe my friends...
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