1. Toma Rider

    Am I The Only Guy In East Asia?

    Can we make a subforum for East Asia/Japan on this forum or am I the only one? lol
  2. RiderInRed

    Ever Met A Guy Irl Who Knew Your Motovlog?

    Oh boy, today I finally decided to get out and ride with a guy who watched my motovlogs. He was a nice guy. quick forward 15 mins, we park and start talking about bikes and all, he's a starter. Another guy on a bike came and parked next to us seeing the two bikes. Another started. Anyways we...
  3. PandaRant

    New Guy From Colorado

    Hello everyone. I am new to the site as well as new to MotoVlogging. I have been trying to get more involved in the community so here I am. I reside in Northern Colorado affectionately referred to as NoCo. I have a combination of Vlogs ranging from religion to random things I find funny during...
  4. Shadowfoot

    General Angry Black Guy Part 2!

  5. Garthox

    New Guy On The Block...cape Town, South Africa

    Hey all, My username is Garthox and I am a 28 year old dude living down in Cape Town South Africa. Been lurking the forum for a while and decided it was time to register . I have been riding now for just over 2 years. My wheels are a 2003 BMW 650GS Dakar (Dual purpose) I enjoy riding the bike...
  6. Brapbarian

    New Guy In Springfield, Mo

    Been riding bikes since I was a wee lil fella but had a long hiatus of 7 years. Just recently picked up a dualsport and figured I would slap a gopro on and record my actions. Why not chronicle it on YouTube as well. Done a few posting but looking to improve my videos and found my way here. I am...
  7. jasmoto

    New Guy In Pennsylvania. What's Up?

    Hello everyone. I stumbled across this site looking for more info on Motovlogging. Looks like there's a great community here. I ride a 2001 Aprilia RSV Mille and a Husqvarna TE450 Been riding since I was very young. Just recently started recording things. Cheers!
  8. Jamie

    New Old Guy From Upstate New York...

    After seeing you all motovlogging on YouTube, I can't help but give it a go...Went out and purchased a full face helmet to chin mount the GoPro and the helmet I ordered was the wrong size. So while trying to sell it I hooked the Gopro up on my vintage helmet and am going to use a mic that wraps...
  9. HV Smiley

    New Guy From Alabama!

    Hello all! I didn't want to throw my opinions all over the place without first formally introducing myself! My alias is Hi-Viz Smiley, sadly that wouldn't fit on this forum. :( Anyways, just another motovlogger starting off in this quickly growing community. I ride a dual sport, and frequently...
  10. 13 CEME

    New Guy In The Building

    I joined a while back just haven't been active. I wasn't vloging back then but I am now. Just wanted to be current before I open my mouth.
  11. GO2W

    New Guy Here... So Be Gentle. Offering A Bit Of Help If Needed.

    Hi to all. Just signed up and am considering if it is worth my while getting into the whole moto vlog scene. I am constantly getting cut up, almost killed, etc.. and thought it may be interesting to others. That said... I also drive around 180KMH on average, lane split constantly, and have been...
  12. ImagTheory

    New Guy From The Midlands..

    Hello there. Have been lurking for a little while and thought I'd sign up. Lots of useful info on here, thanks for that :) I'm a scooter rider from the West Midlands, UK. I can ride a manual bike I just choose not to. Was recently rear ended by a woman on a phone and that prompted me to get...

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