Pixelating Numberplates?


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Jun 17, 2019
The Netherlands
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My suggestion is, get familiar with how they judge the speed in the videos. Maybe it is not worth blurring the plates, but speedo instead. Should be easier. Also check if your software allows object tracking with blurring, should also make it a bit easier.
In the end, anyone can end up in someones dashcam and still get the fine.
Well its not just the speed. It can be lane splits. Can be revving the bike to hard for nothing. Can be passing a car, it can even be leaning too far in a corner that they can fine you with reckless driving etc. Its all up to the mood of the cop
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Jan 5, 2013
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Not here in holland, if they see you on video you ride 170km/h and have your numberplate. They can just send the ticket to your home.
Except Boef (i think it was) that normally doesn't happen.
More than enough "illegal" stuff online, unfined.
Check Jur or wheelietime for example.

Boef was a example figure, and he was stupid enough to share it on his personal (and open) social media.
So that was to easy not to fine.
Other then that, they aren't going to find some small @ss youtube channel and spend hours of work into finding illegal stuff and trying to puzzle out how to fine it. ;)


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Jun 14, 2019
Massachusetts USA
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I try and stay in the speed limit most of the time, and on my bike it is so easy to see speed on camera the damn numbers are huge, which is good for quick peeks. Kinda BS that they can ticket you for leaning. Do you know that you were leaning at an angle of 32 degrees and the law states that 33 is the limit. Sorry but I have to give you a 1 degree lean ticket and you will probably lose your license for a year as the law states one year per lean angle degree. But officer I was only going 30 in a 35. Sorry Law is the Law, get in the back of the squad car!

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