New Rider Needs Help!


Smartass, tech wizard
Aug 20, 2016
I ride a
MZ ETZ 125
If you can handle dirt, you can handle just about any road, that's a good point, plus it is a lot softer than asphalt.
Definitely understand the basics of riding, such as clutch points, mastering and using brakes. As others said before me, fully covering gear unless you want to expose what's under your skin.
When you make it out to traffic, there are a few rules to live by as a defensive rider:
- Ride like you are invisible and nobody can see you
- Ride like everyone out there wants to kill you (Don't get me wrong)
- And from a grandfathers wisdom: There are a lot of the others, but only one of you.

And most importantly: Have fun!
Moderate fun.

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