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Aug 14, 2020
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Sadly insurance companies often don't pay out enough to actually replace a bike fully like for like... especially if you have fitted upgrades etc. My Moto Guzzi V7 is insured on a like for like policy, so if the Kineo wheels, or K-Tech suspension got damaged, then they would be replaced... most policies will only dit original parts even if the mods are declared. Well worth checking the wording if you have a custom bike! :)
Absolutely HippoDrone, it is important to read all the policy details, in the USA this includes the declarations, insuring agreements, definitions, exclusions and conditions. If you read through all those with a fine tooth comb it really helps to know what you are really covered for. A lot of times it comes down to comparables too (bike for bike). With my current carrier, they probably will never cover my aftermarket Sato Exaust, but if my RC was going for $15,000 (i wish), on the open market, that would be the price range the insurance company (carrier) would need to pay to get me another one, so the insurance company would be writing me a check for $15,000+tax. Then I could either pocket the money or attempt to find another RC51. Sadly the $15,000 replacement range might not be that far off. I have this bad feeling this US will be going through some mega inflation in the near future with all the free money they are handing out to everyone.

Ok, my bad, enough about insurance, I'm getting off topic..back to Motorbike Crime in London!


Oct 16, 2021
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I hate motorcycle thieves, these guys have to burn in hell. Here in Brazil, mainly in big cities, they attack us using weapons always in pairs on another motorcycle.
But most of the time we lose ours bikes to these bums at the risk of getting shot. That's why motorcycle insurance here is very expensive.
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