1. HYF

    Mcm London Motorcycle Show At The Excel Center

    hey guys hope you have all have a lovely xmas. out of interest is any one going or thinking about going to the mcm motorbike show at the excel in feb ?? as i have been brought a ticket for xmas and was going to ride up and stay over night, if any one is going or is thinking about it let me...
  2. VaVaBroom

    Where To Do My Das In London (category A)?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to do my test at the end of this month when I get paid (Category A), but was wondering where to do it and how much did you pay? Some places seem to be a lot more expensive than others and not sure if the extra money is worth it.
  3. thunderous71

    Motorbike Crime London

    Hi all just some information for all motorbike/moped riders in London UK especially. Motorbikes are being stolen at an alarming rate, so who, why, how and how to protect yours. First off, who are stealing the bikes? Commonly teenagers stealing lower powered bikes and older higher powered...
  4. Nefarious

    New Motovloger

    Hey guys! I just found this amazing website and i wanted to salute all of you from London. I ride a Yamaha Mt03 2007 and i record it with a GoPro Sesion5. Check my channel and help me improve my work. Drive safe!
  5. thunderous71

    Funny Dd1 Motorbike Crime London Uk

    Well a little experiment, Im going to try and do a video every day for a month... lets see if I can get past a week ;) Don't worry I won't be spamming them all here!
  6. E

    Newbie London Uk

    Morning all. Just joined and started vlogging. Hoping to read some interesting topics and pick up some pointers. Feedback on my videos would be appreciated. Once I'm allowed to post links. Will also check out some of yours. My stuff can be found on YouTube under my name. Peace East London...
  7. thunderous71

    Funny Hot Pants And High Heels

    Well it's different.
  8. RoadSprock

    London & Paris - No Bikes Allowed?

    Edit by Dan - I wanted to make sure the vlog was based on facts and it looks like it is indeed (no offence OP) Info here: A new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) will be in place in September 2020 according to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and all motorcycles over 13 years old will have to...
  9. TheX RIDER

    General New Motovlogger - London ( 1st Vlog )

    Hello Guys, New into the motovlogs thing and I am just wondering what you guys think about my first vlog. Any tips and advice will be much appreciated.
  10. TheX RIDER

    New Motovlogger - London

    Hello Everybody, I am just a guy from London, I open a channel to share my passion ( motorcycles ). I am really glad I found this website. I ride a ninja 300 ( 2015 ) Last year I been in Europe with my bike ( around 8 countries ) by my self. Glad to meet you all. :)
  11. U

    Hi From London

    Hi everyone, I'm glad I found this place - I have a lot to learn. I have a Vio POV camera and a bike but the sound on all my videos is terrible!
  12. Reize

    Music Road To England's Hills : A London Visual Diary

    Wassup guys. Another video from me. I decided to compile all the unused but very beautiful footage that I got from my pile and create a little visual diary of my moto trip in London. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  13. thunderous71

    Serious London Motorbike Encounters 72

    A lesson in this episode... don't rush an overtake!
  14. Reize

    General My Motorcycle Roadtrip Around Se England

    I had gone to London for a holiday over the past week and managed to vlog a bit a long the way on my rental CBF600S. This is going to be a multi-part series that I will update on this thread as I finish editing and uploading new episodes. Episode 1 : Me getting used to the London traffic in...

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