1. thunderous71

    Motorbike Crime London

    Hi all just some information for all motorbike/moped riders in London UK especially. Motorbikes are being stolen at an alarming rate, so who, why, how and how to protect yours. First off, who are stealing the bikes? Commonly teenagers stealing lower powered bikes and older higher powered...
  2. thunderous71

    Funny Dd1 Motorbike Crime London Uk

    Well a little experiment, Im going to try and do a video every day for a month... lets see if I can get past a week ;) Don't worry I won't be spamming them all here!
  3. NS.YT

    Funny That One Time I Had My Own Mafia...

    I ran things pretty gangster when I was coming up. Sit back kiddies while I tell you a story of how I created a crime ring!!!!