1. lilith.L

    Have license but not on the road.. yet

    So I have a question for all of you. maybe silly but how was your first time on the road? I have my motorcycle license, I can ride a bike but I still have a weird feeling when I jump on the road. I guess a small fear something bad is going to happen. Did any of you have the same? also how did...
  2. lilith.L

    New Motovlogger

    Hello All, I'm Lilith new to youtube as a motovlogger from New Zealand. I do have my own license but am currently pillion on the back of my partners Daytona 675. Feel free to like and subscribe :)
  3. paullainas

    I am a new Member.

    Hello everybody My name is Pavlos and I live in beautiful Greece. In my free time, I make some videos with motorbikes and more.
  4. thunderous71

    Motorbike Crime London

    Hi all just some information for all motorbike/moped riders in London UK especially. Motorbikes are being stolen at an alarming rate, so who, why, how and how to protect yours. First off, who are stealing the bikes? Commonly teenagers stealing lower powered bikes and older higher powered...
  5. thunderous71

    Serious How Your Bike Is Stolen In Seconds

    Come on people, even if leaving your bike for a moment. Put a lock on it!
  6. MotoJam

    General Channel Reboot With A New Motorbike :)

    Hi guys, Its been a while! I have got a new bike so thought I'd reboot my channel now that I have some more free time with work ramping down. I have never done a bike reveal before so hope you all like it :)
  7. thunderous71

    Funny Dd1 Motorbike Crime London Uk

    Well a little experiment, Im going to try and do a video every day for a month... lets see if I can get past a week ;) Don't worry I won't be spamming them all here!

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