Lesson in scheduling 4k videos on YouTube


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Jan 5, 2013
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everyone should do it if they want folk to know about the video at its most important moment! :D
I can understand that, i just tend to forget it xD
I'm planning Instagram posts around certain video's, which get shared on twitter automatically. So i do have that.
I just forget Facebook xD And don't want to spam everything everywhere either ;)


Jan 2, 2017
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One day YouTube will give you the data on what resolution people watch in.

I still wonder how many people actually watch in 4K in the first place.
Even if they only watch in 1080, a video uploaded as "$k" will still look better than a 1080 video uploaded at 1080, you get the higher codec.
My GoPro records 1080 at 60,000kbps, if I upload that to YouTube they will compress it down to 12,000kbps, if I render my 1080 up at 4k and then upload it to YouTube, it gets the full 60,000kbps with no compression.


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Aug 20, 2015
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I still wonder how many people actually watch in 4K in the first place.
Actual 4K? Probably not that high of a percentage. Uploading content in 2.7k, 4K though, does ensure that the quality is good for the majority who watch in 1080p (in my opinion). Although I know a few people who seem to be stuck watching in 480p or 720p for whatever reason.

Is it just me or do YouTube ads load super fast but when the actual video starts, it chokes for no reason?
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