1. MC97

    New Motovlogger In Alabama

    Hello everyone! I just started motovlogging after watching them since I was 15. I'm now 20, I live in North Alabama and I love the motovlogging and biking community so that's why I joined this site! I work full time and I'm taking college classes but I still try to make time for motovlogging...
  2. sonicsix

    Here Comes Sonicsix...

    Been riding since childhood. A spinal cord injury in 1990 took me off of motorcycles and put me on scooters (I can't use my left foot to shift any more.) A wreck (not my fault) in 2013 nearly wiped me out, but I am finally released and can ride again. I bought a new 2016 Honda NM4 and all the...
  3. Skarcrow

    New Vlogger From Alabama

    Hi, I'm Skarcrow and i'm new to vlogging, i actually got turned on to this site by MattW. I live in Birmingham, AL and figured i'd introduce myself and say i hope to gain a lot of insight on making a good motovlog. thank you all for this site and keep the rubber side down
  4. SalvageSV

    General Finally ... The Bike. Mv #04

    MV #04 is live! I finally give some attention to the bike with details of the replaced parts and rebuild process. Also, it comes with a cool new intro! Let me know what you think.
  5. JoshMoto

    General First Motovlog (cbr500r)

    This is my very first motovlog, and I was wanting to get feedback (good or bad). Basically this video is an introduction and lays the foundation for the upcoming content.

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