Do You Nod?

Do you nod to other bikers?

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Jan 6, 2017
Philadelphia/South Jersey
I ride a
Kymco Downtown 300i
Not sensing a lot of love for scooterist here. I find I don't get a lot of return waves on the road -- and that's from most two wheelers, as I'm always eager to give
a good-will salute when I see a fellow rider. I usually don't nod as it's hard to tell (for me) if a rider nodds back, or was just moving their head in the mechanics
of riding.

I usually don't get waves (or a two-finger salutes) from any rider (scooter or MC) without a helmet or riding gear. I take it their skills are for $h!t and probably don't know what it means. A rider is a rider to me, so I'm happy to see anyone on the road having a good time.

(Oh yeah, squids don't count either)

- Wuf
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Oct 15, 2017
North York Moors
I ride a
XSR700 - CRF250L
You can't do it when there's too many.
Near home traffic is light and we all usually do a little finger wave thing to all road users whether driving or riding.
Tourists think we must be special from the inbreeding :cool:

It's the modern version of touching your cap or hat when passing in the street as a "How do you do" polite gesture without actually pausing to engage in conversation.
Or maybe we're a little touched, not sure....
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