Curious, What Is Your Day Job?


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Aug 29, 2017
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Forecourt attendant of all things. Comon in mainline Europe and some other countries but its not really common in the UK. Can't complain as I'm paid by the hour and not the amount of cars. I'll do about 40 cars on a 8 hour shift so I get paid to stand around most of the time. It also allows me to talk to other motorcylists for 5 - 10 mins as it counts as making the customer feel welcome.


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Aug 4, 2016
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I know it has been a while since I started this thread. I am planning on using the overall information to create motovlog and with the pandemic response here, it is looking like the time is about right to move onto producing.

Before I do, does anyone else have anything to add?

Do any of you work someplace that would be totally surprised to find out you are a motovlogger? How about what they would think about your online persona?


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Jun 4, 2020
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I'm a masters degree qualified engineer (15 years post grad now - eek!)

I'm EMEA product manager for one of the biggest security technology/detection companies that do airports, ports etc. A mix of drugs, explosives, prohibited items and smuggled items (ivory, cash etc). Kinda cool, stressful and interesting at the same time. I completely fell into the role by luck.

I've done a lot of other things in the past, from operations manager, project manager, quality manager, process engineer etc and worked in a rather odd mix of industries - from precision manufacturing, nuclear energy, medical MRI, farming equipment, pack house and security technologies!

Most people at work know I'm into bikes (and many other things), but motovlogging has never really come up in conversation, and its relatively new to me anyway.

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Mar 23, 2020
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I've been working as a mechanical engineer for over 26 years now. Done various roles in manufacturing from sheetmetal design to HVAC order engineering to process engineer, been quite a ride.

Some of my coworkers know I have a motovlog channel, they been pressuring me for years to ride with a GoPro on the bike!

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Jun 30, 2020
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Travel & Expense Manager for an International Company.

Basically its normally a lot of looking at data to figure out where we are spending our money and how to reduce it (Airline contracting, hotel contracting, Ground Transportation things like that) but also duty of care and keeping employees safe and in policy when they Travel for Business purposes.

At the moment, its more of endless sorting through the mountain of airline tickets we are still waiting for the airlines to process and refund. Chasing them up, and marking them off my long list when done, which is good, as being responsible for retrieving $300k+ worth of funds keeps me from being furloughed whilst nobody is traveling!

When I get to travel myself, I go to our key offices (US, Singapore and a few other locations) to train staff on booking travel, troubleshoot issues and review airlines and hotels to see if they are a good match for us. I try to take a couple of personal days whilst there and hire a bike and film. I think it would make a great segment "Hiring and riding a motorcycle in different countries around the world" talk about the process, ease of rental and issues as well as the sights and enjoyment of riding in that country.


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Feb 14, 2020
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I actually have many hats as I work for many different businesses, but the crux of it is that I run bulk food supplies to things like restaurants, fresh food outlets, cafes during the day - mainly bread in the early morning and then during the day various orders of fruits and vegetables to resturants/businesses that aren't open during the day etc. I also run a ordering/logistic system that's basically a distributed SQL database for things that aren't needed every single day and don't need a refrigerated truck such as alcohol, non-perishables, etc.

2 days a week I do bulk newspaper delivery to hotels, service stations, supermarkets, places that are subagents for a large newsagency, and by night I... well i'm an escort escort. I escort escorts. So I guess everything I do is logistical in some aspect...

That was one hell of a long winded way to say white van man.


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Aug 20, 2018
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HR Advisor at a Law Firm. We represent Union members in the main. Work is quite Admin heavy atm, but being there as long as I have, I get some juicy info on the Employee cases.
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Jul 29, 2016
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Chief Petty officer in the US Navy they use to call me HTC but big navy canx'd our ratings. i am a coded welder and i manage work controls (go between for the carrier and shipyard)
Well got a rating Back so i'm HTC again. and my job changed. i am the 3M (reapirs and maintenace non aircraft) and Damage control (firefighting, CBR, flooding etc) Coordinator for an Air Wing , also the motorcycle safety program coordinator for my command and the 8 commands under us. i get to be the catch-all CHief for programs. MY RETIRMENT BILLET! I'M OUT IN DEC2022!


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Jun 8, 2020
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I'm EMEA product manager for one of the biggest security technology/detection companies that do airports, ports etc. A mix of drugs, explosives, prohibited items and smuggled items (ivory, cash etc). Kinda cool, stressful and interesting at the same time. I completely fell into the role by luck.
motosera - sounds like an interesting work history. I'm a public servant - a role in the security 'business' so to speak. Largely policy nowadays (boring)
My last job was in Australian Customs and Border Protection so a lot of overlap with the above. I was also a firearams instructor there.

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