Can You Use Copyrighted Music in Vlogs - at all?


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Actually you can. There are different licenses for music. Copyright doesn't mean you can't use it. It all depends on the license. Creative commons license for instance can mean there is some sort of stipulation around it like you have to attribute the artist, or there you can use the music if you include attribution and its for non-commercial use. There is also public domain use, allowed for commercial use (you usually have to pay for these), allowed for use in remix and/or video.

I use a site called
h t t p s : / / f r e e m u s i c a r c h i v e . o r g /

which allows you to search based on license. They also have links to the artist if you like their music you can license more music from a particular one.
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Definitely second what MOTOB34R said. I use Freemusicarchove a lot myself. It’s a great site. Obtaining the rights of copyrighted music is a two step process in that the motovlogger needs to obtain the Master Rights from the record label, and then the Synch Rights from the musician/band themselves.

This link can explain more,

(Click the begin browsing button, then the Licensing 101 FAQ link.

What is Music Licensing?
Music licensing grants the rights to use copyrighted music recordings within films, television programs, commercials, video games and other visual mediums. To license a piece of music for a project, rights need to be secured from two separate entities. We (the record company) control the master rights (the actual recording of the music). The music publisher controls the composition (the written song) and negotiates on behalf of the writers for the synchronization rights. Licenses must be secured from both parties. To secure the Master use license for one of Sony Music's tracks, please submit a request through this website. For your convenience, we have provided the publisher's details within the information section for each track. However, since we do not control these rights, you must obtain them separately from the publishers. You should also confirm the publishing information when you contact them to get the rights. If you find the publisher information incomplete or missing, you can also obtain the information by contacting ASCAP, BMI or SESAC directly. See below for contact information:”

- Wolf
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