Can You Use Copyrighted Music in Vlogs - at all?


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Jan 5, 2013
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I won 1.
I had one i didn't even fight, just changed the music.

And in a, not yet public vlog, i have 3 claims xD Won the first one, other 2 are still ongoing.
Probably will be timed out, which is also fine xD
This one is becoming interesting.
One of the claims that is still open have postponed the dispute. Didn't even know that it was possible.
The revenue is noted as "deposit", so interesting to see where that goes in the end.

This specifically said it was NOT a strike, which is good.

As for the old channel - yeah no idea what it might say there.
But I'd have remembered if it had happened when I uploaded it.
Yeah, strike/claim get mixed up sometimes ;)
Kinda depends on how strict they were in the days you originally uploaded it.

In the past you could do quite allot before youtube would even pay any attention to it ;)
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Jan 6, 2017
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All of my strikes have been for free music I've acquired from I've won all my disputes just by showing that the music was under a Creative Commons licensing agreement. A lot of times the claims are by bogus company's that say they own the rights. YouTube doesn't put much effort into vetting those making the claim, but just add a strike against the channel's owner.

- Wolf
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