Brissy and The Coasts vloggers post up

?? Fluck the poleece / indro?

You got it brother! I'd actually never made the bloody criminal's so exciting!

Subbed for sure. Keen to see what you witnessed. I know I see my fair share of crazy things around here hahah.
This one might just take the cake!! strangest thing I have EVER seen in the middle of the day in a shopping centre!!

Thank god I had the GoPro on my helmet as I was walking!
Blah Blah Blah brisvegas is the bestest ever crap again
Welcome to the forum from THE GOLD COAST ;);):p
Just rendering now.

Cods you've got it all wrong. I think when this one is posted, you'll be happy to let Brisbane claim it, actually you'll probably insist! LOL

It is THAT shocking!

You fucker! LOL

I WAS NOT trying to pick that up!!!

I did want to get it on film though and I thought I did that very well!

It's not an easy thing to talk with something like THAT! LOL

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