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Hey all I'm seeing alot of vloggers from the brissy south east region thought I'd create this thread to bring us together and at some point our own vlogger meet up.
I'm heaps keen! Fingers crossed that this gathering doesn't happen while I'm in South Africa (22/06/2013 untill 09/07/2013) :?
G'day guys. Yeah, I have been getting a list together in my head and been wanting to organise a Sth East Qld meetup for a while now.

I will make a note of everyone I can think of in the area (hopefully won't forget anyone) and then post a list here and get you guys to add anyone else you know of.

Then once we have a good list, we can send out the word and look at dates and venue.

My thinking was that we could alternate between the Gold Coast and Brissie seeing as there are a few from both cities.

Both places have an abundance of awesome roads to ride on.

Anyone know of any motovloggers from the Sunny Coast? I am not sure if there are any, but if there are, they might want to ride down to Brissie for a meetup.
Ok guys, here is the list I have so far which I will keep and add to as I come across more locals.

Please add any other South East Queensland motovloggers that you know of to this thread and make sure you tell them to join in the discussion here.

Gold Coast


Other Possibles

There are other locals I have seen on Youtube but they are not really vlogging, just filming their rides really.

A possible good meetup could be May 19th at the Team Moto ride by the lake day at Lake Wivenhoe. Basically it is a day where you pre book a test ride on a couple of bikes and ride out there to hang out with other riders, get a free feed and test ride some dream bikes! Test ride vids on Youtube always pull a good crowd too! :D It is about a 2 hour ride out there for us Gold Coasters but I am keen.

Unfortunately there are no LAMS approved bikes to ride on this day though as they are planning a separate day for them I think, but it is still a good ride out there and even if you cannot test ride a bike, it will be a great day.

You can read more about the day here:

Let me know what you think of that plan, or if you have other suggestions for meetup points or dates, then add them here.

Bill :)
Oh Yeah i saw that event coming up. Sounds like a great Day for a ride and meet up. Plus trying out a few bikes out on the range now days!
If anyone in the North side area wants to head down, I am really keen to tag along. Can organize a time and place to cruise down to the lake
and meet up with the rest of the Queensland Riders. If you guys are keen, we can Make it an awesome Day!!

Ride Safe Guys :D
Ok, so far we have 4 that are in for the Team Moto day this Sunday.

Myself, Slipperymongoose, OhPhilly and QlandBiker15.

YourPalsChrisAndAl and 13DollarRefill have said they cannot make it due to work commitments.

RSA Botha is a maybe.

Still waiting to hear back from SlySilva78, brendanRawrs, TKTex1 and Mr Boxiee.

I will be riding up from the Gold Coast and can meet OhPhilly at the Logan Hyperdome.

Others, let me know where you would like to meet and we can arrange a route around your locations, then work out travel times and meeting times.

I am thinking a route from the Gold Coast to Wivenhoe could look something like this with Mt Glorious thrown in either on the way there or on the way back.

Either way, it is a must I reckon!
Oh that's awesome to hear! Um..i don't mind if i meet you guys there or meet on the way.
Would be good to ride up Mt glorious as a group though, i think the guys from this side of town
will not mind back tracking along mt glorious. I know I wont ha ha.
It all depends which way you guys would rather go?
Oh sweet, Awesome to find another motovloger close to home! I am so excited for the weekend! It is going to be a cracker!

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