1. Zedhead

    What Have You Done To Your Bike Today?

    Hi people as the title says, this is a thread for you to tell the forum what you have done to your bike today. Whether it was nothing, cleaned it, replaced the tyres, thrashed it to within an inch of its life, sat in the garage touching it inappropriately, whatever it was let us know. Cheers Zed.
  2. ArtOfRoar

    4x2x4 Vs 4x2x2 Vs 4x2x1 Exhausts

    Helloo Mootoooo!!! As some may already know (& if ya don't then please, by all means check me out on You Tube) I've got a '14 Kawi Z1000 currently with stock cans. I'm looking to upgrade my exhaust & am considering a few options. My question: I's there an added advantage or disadvantage to...

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