1. AmpdMoto

    Rant Who Do You Ride For?

  2. Sharktank

    General 360 Vr Camera Ride Through Tampa, Fl

    Really good time learning to do this tonight. The sound from the 360 mic was atrocious with the wind, so I took it all out and subbed in the music. I hear this is best viewed with a vr headset, but one could scroll around with your fingers, or mouse arrow.
  3. LoneWally

    Ride To The Wall (rttw) 2017

    I made a video mentioning RTTW and since it is this Saturday (7th October 2017) was wondering if anyone else was coming. All info is here - https://www.rttw.org/
  4. Lurch

    Infamously Calm Ride - 3, Sat 12th August

    Meant to post this before. 11am at the Sainsbury's in Matlock. Believe the intention is to leave by 11.30 up to Fairholmes Visitor Centre at Ladybower reservoir. I won't make the main ride, but I'll make it for the end if anyone is coming.
  5. R-Rated

    Feedback Needed Do You Ride At Night?

    I find riders that are very hesitant to ride at night. I have always enjoyed it. The skills and concentration needed are higher. Being a lead bike on a small group ride is quite challenging since you are the one setting the pace and the first to see any hazards. Shooting video is tough since...
  6. Sidewinder

    Serious Never Ride Closed Roads!

    One of my favorite roads has been closed for some time now. Due to first a fire then weeks later a set of very heavy rain storms made matters worse. I went to check it out on my bike. Should have brought my dirt bike lol.
  7. Jafnhaar

    Do You Ride All Year Round...??

    Hi guys, I'm generally out on the bike all year round. I'll ride in all weathers and generally the only time I won't go out is if it is ICE or SNOW first thing in the morning... I will stay clear until the roads have been carved a little bit by cars and that is more primarily for the mongs that...
  8. R-Rated

    General Chilling On A Hit And Muggy Ride

    I captured a few hours of footage of the 4 hour ride. Then I tried to boil it down to a bar essence of the purest shots that captured the spirit. Nailed it at just under 4 minutes which I consider a good thing. The index was 105°F!
  9. Cakep

    Fall Color Ride 2016

    Hi, This is my Fall Color Ride last year. Just want to share how beautiful the Fall color in Seattle, WA. It's awesome colorful trees and cool weather at that time. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day! Regards, Greg
  10. Cakep

    Snoqualmie Pass Ride 2016

    I rode to Snoqualmie Pass Ski Resort, it's only 60 minutes from downtown Seattle, WA. Weather was super nice.
  11. CodeNameAB

    Review 2017 Bmw G310r : Test Ride And Review

    So how does the all new BMW G310R perform? Like I said in the video, they have tried it to make it a beginner friendly everyday bike, meaning, it's smooth, relaxed, easy to ride, good for commuting and should also be good for occasional rides to twisties. The quality of the bike is at par with...
  12. CafeRob81

    General Dirty Hands & Building Fans - 1978 Gs1000

    Haven't said hi here for a while! 2017 has been my first year Motovlogging and boy what a crazy few months already!! Valve adjustments, carb rebuilds, parts arriving, electrical ignition & wiring, pushing the bike on the highway, testing different main jets, boy this year has been...
  13. JBH

    Funny Motorcycle Police Teaches Us How To Ride

    Had a great day performing all sorts of exercises under the close supervision and guidance of the local Motorcycle Police force!
  14. voodoo

    General Ride From Aberdeen To Macduff And Back

    Just to save people searching for the videos here is one of the Sunday rides from Aberdeen to MacDuff and back. These are some of my first ever videos so editing isn't great and until I get sorted out with a microphone and recorder they are more of a music video rather than blog so hopefully...
  15. Sidewinder

    Ride To The Snow.

  16. JBH

    General First Ride On My Brand New Z900

    Check out my very first ride as I receive my bike at the dealership!
  17. Brothebear

    Soon Meet Up In Sparta Wisconsin Just For The Ride

    There will be a meet up in Sparta Wisconsin for the ride and the chance to motovlogge with others. Have fun ride talk and just be free
  18. CodeNameAB

    General Z800 First Ride | Filtering Fun In India

    I came to India for a couple of weeks and my friend was kind enough to let me ride his Kawasaki Z800. It was supposed to be a short ride for me but I felt so much at home on the Z that I ended up riding all the way while also scaring him as a pillion! :D Riding in India can be chaotic but there...
  19. IIDaXuSII

    Hey, I'm Daxus...it's Not Freezing In Miami So I Shall Ride On!!!!

    Well the title pretty much says it, im a starting moto-vlogger/gamer...what else is new, but if you're down, check me out and tell me what you think! Ride safe, Ride FAST!
  20. HDMOTO

    General Old Quad Bike Ride

  21. Flyboy

    Snow Riding Fun!! My First Ride

    This was my first ride on my new KTM EXC.
  22. ScootWook

    Serious Hawaii Street Glide Ride Playlist

    Everyone, here is the complete playlist to my Hawaii Ride Series... Was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. I hope you all enjoy watching as I have making these videos, I hope to do more like these in the future. Share these around, I'd love everyone to see what they have to look forward...
  23. AdydasNZ

    Went For A Ride On Saturday And Snapped Some Pix

    Figured why not share right, who doesn't like some bike porn pics.
  24. IronicRbnd

    Funny Biker Santa Claus Ride

  25. ScootWook

    Review 2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Ride And Review

    Hey everyone, been a minute since I posted something, vacation is really getting in the way of my motovlogging :P. Guys and girls, I bring to you a review and first ride of the crowning achievement of two wheeled technology. Truly a one of a kind experience which I will not forget. Watch me...
  26. IronicRbnd

    Review Yamaha Fj09 Ride Review

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