1. DB Moto

    General Wind... Be Gone! Less Distortion, More R6

    I've finally come much closer to eliminating wind from my helmet so that you guys can enjoy my videos more. I hope you like it! I'm totally open to comments, discussion, questions, and criticism. Happy Monday!
  2. SamBiker

    Microphone & Case Wt Side Open

    I ordered the Pannovo 3.5mm mini Mic. Does anyone know if this is any good for MotoVlogging? I also ordered a SHOOT Wire Connectable Skeleton Protective Side, I am sure it works but what are my options to make this water resistant? Thank You
  3. Reize

    Microphone Audio Quality Comparison - Cheap Vs Expensive

    So I've always used cheap mics sourced from China that go for like $2 a pop, and recently one of my subscribers got in touch with me and lent me his 20 GBP Drift-S branded mic for comparison. So I did a little video for you guys below, for you to decide whether paying premium for a branded mic...

    Guide Motovlog Helmet Camera Setup.

    I've got a new video up on my YouTube channel explaining my helmet camera and microphone setup. :)
  5. Broadsword

    Help! I Have Some Microphone Enquiries

    I'm deciding between the Drift Ghost S or the Hero 4 Session. I understand that the Drift has an external mic jack for you to plug your mic, but I want the Session because of it's camera quality and pricing. Assume I do get a Hero 4 session. I understand there is absolutely no way an external...
  6. KruznW/Kev

    Ion Action Camera External Mic Problem

    So I recently bought an Ion Speed Pro 2nd generation because it has an external mic outlet. Due to the fact that its a 2.5mm jack and pretty much no one makes 2.5mm microphones I bought a 3.5mm mic with the drift hd 3.5mm -> 2.5mm adapter. PROBLEM - When I connect the mic to the camera the...
  7. M

    Sena S20 Boom Mic - Compatibility

    If tl;dr just scroll down to bolded text ;) Hello everyone! I am riding with Biltwell-style open face helmet with bubble shield on. After a few tries of setting up the mic I ended up attaching it to the bottom edge of the visor, almost in front of my mouth. Even though I use fairly furry...

    New Gopro + Helmet Setup

    I've just setup GoPro on my helmet with a chin mount and a microphone tucked inside. I made a hole on the side of the case for the mic adapter. I found a small M5 bolt for the mount instead of using the large twisty things. I glued the stick on mount to the chin of the helmet as I don't...
  9. RoadSprock

    Internal Microphone - The Breathing Is Real

    So I've hooked up an internal microphone into my helmet, picks up talking perfectly.. but when not talking you can hear every breath exhale/inhale.. I've wrapped the microphone in a deadcat, although its reduced it a little bit it's still very dominate in the audio. Any suggestions on audio...
  10. RoadSprock

    Post Your Microphone Setups

    Post your microphone setups//how you reduce wind noise etc
  11. Viscount

    Drift Stealth 2 External Microphone Mod.

    Hi all, So I bought a stealth 2 for the knock down price of £99. Very pleased with the size of the camera and the video quality. Unfortunately I didn't realise you couldn't attach an external mic which is a bit of an issue. Well after trawling about on the interweb I found a link to a...
  12. jthomas

    Go Pro Mic Audio Problem

    So ive just noticed when using the mic in Go Pro 4 its putting majority of the audio to the right channel. Has anyone ever had this happen?
  13. SkwoSkwe

    Mini Usb Gopro Microphone

    Hi I just wanna know if someone has experience with these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-USB-Professional-Stereo-Microphone-Mic-Adapter-for-Gopro-Hero-4-3-3-New-/331412875481?hash=item4d29bf28d9:g:toQAAOSwnDxUiakE Any thoughts on these mic? Sound Quality wise.

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