1. goncalecas

    Microphone Wind noise problem

    Hello guys, I'm new to these community and I need your help/opinions. I want to start filming my rides properly with good image and audio quality of my bike's exhaust sound. I bought a boya by-mm1 microphone ( recording attached to iPhone) and I tried it everywhere possible to try to record...
  2. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed Rode Wireless Go vs GoPro Microphone Adaptor | GoPro Hero 8

    Getting your in helmet audio right can be an utter pain, even after 4 years I still sometimes struggle to keep old kit running reliably. In this latest video I do an incredibly clean wired setup with the GoPro Hero 8 and also a Bluetooth setup with the Hero 8 and a Rode Wireless Go microphone...
  3. DB Moto

    General Wind... Be Gone! Less Distortion, More R6

    I've finally come much closer to eliminating wind from my helmet so that you guys can enjoy my videos more. I hope you like it! I'm totally open to comments, discussion, questions, and criticism. Happy Monday!
  4. SamBiker

    Microphone & Case Wt Side Open

    I ordered the Pannovo 3.5mm mini Mic. Does anyone know if this is any good for MotoVlogging? I also ordered a SHOOT Wire Connectable Skeleton Protective Side, I am sure it works but what are my options to make this water resistant? Thank You
  5. Reize

    Microphone Audio Quality Comparison - Cheap Vs Expensive

    So I've always used cheap mics sourced from China that go for like $2 a pop, and recently one of my subscribers got in touch with me and lent me his 20 GBP Drift-S branded mic for comparison. So I did a little video for you guys below, for you to decide whether paying premium for a branded mic...

    Guide Motovlog Helmet Camera Setup.

    I've got a new video up on my YouTube channel explaining my helmet camera and microphone setup. :)
  7. Broadsword

    Help! I Have Some Microphone Enquiries

    I'm deciding between the Drift Ghost S or the Hero 4 Session. I understand that the Drift has an external mic jack for you to plug your mic, but I want the Session because of it's camera quality and pricing. Assume I do get a Hero 4 session. I understand there is absolutely no way an external...
  8. KruznW/Kev

    Ion Action Camera External Mic Problem

    So I recently bought an Ion Speed Pro 2nd generation because it has an external mic outlet. Due to the fact that its a 2.5mm jack and pretty much no one makes 2.5mm microphones I bought a 3.5mm mic with the drift hd 3.5mm -> 2.5mm adapter. PROBLEM - When I connect the mic to the camera the...
  9. M

    Sena S20 Boom Mic - Compatibility

    If tl;dr just scroll down to bolded text ;) Hello everyone! I am riding with Biltwell-style open face helmet with bubble shield on. After a few tries of setting up the mic I ended up attaching it to the bottom edge of the visor, almost in front of my mouth. Even though I use fairly furry...
  10. HDMOTO

    New Gopro + Helmet Setup

    I've just setup GoPro on my helmet with a chin mount and a microphone tucked inside. I made a hole on the side of the case for the mic adapter. I found a small M5 bolt for the mount instead of using the large twisty things. I glued the stick on mount to the chin of the helmet as I don't...
  11. RoadSprock

    Internal Microphone - The Breathing Is Real

    So I've hooked up an internal microphone into my helmet, picks up talking perfectly.. but when not talking you can hear every breath exhale/inhale.. I've wrapped the microphone in a deadcat, although its reduced it a little bit it's still very dominate in the audio. Any suggestions on audio...
  12. RoadSprock

    Post Your Microphone Setups

    Post your microphone setups//how you reduce wind noise etc
  13. Viscount

    Drift Stealth 2 External Microphone Mod.

    Hi all, So I bought a stealth 2 for the knock down price of £99. Very pleased with the size of the camera and the video quality. Unfortunately I didn't realise you couldn't attach an external mic which is a bit of an issue. Well after trawling about on the interweb I found a link to a...
  14. jthomas

    Go Pro Mic Audio Problem

    So ive just noticed when using the mic in Go Pro 4 its putting majority of the audio to the right channel. Has anyone ever had this happen?
  15. SkwoSkwe

    Mini Usb Gopro Microphone

    Hi I just wanna know if someone has experience with these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-USB-Professional-Stereo-Microphone-Mic-Adapter-for-Gopro-Hero-4-3-3-New-/331412875481?hash=item4d29bf28d9:g:toQAAOSwnDxUiakE Any thoughts on these mic? Sound Quality wise.

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