1. ADX

    Everyone's worst nightmare is.....

    I didnt know know where to post but just wanted to let everyone know.... I lost good footage of a trip i took up north!! =(((((. The SD card said i needed to format it...... I paid a recovery tool and i retrieved the files but... it didnt work!!!! I suggest everyone to always export all your...
  2. LRBOB

    GoPro mic adapter and poor weather

    Hi all, For my audio recording I'm currently using a lav mic connected to my phone. At the moment it's not too bad, but it's a pain setting up every time I go for a ride. I'm considering getting the go pro mic adapter for a simpler setup and not needing to sync the audio during editing. The...
  3. humes

    GoPro Labs for GoPro Hero 8 - using GoPro's experimental features

    Hey all - GoPro announced last Thursday the release of GoPro Labs for the GoPro Hero 8; their internal innovations that are not yet marked for a release, but are fully-baked enough to be released to those of us who like to be early adopters and users of edge-case features. You simply download...
  4. DB Moto

    GoPro Hero 8 Black HyperSmooth glitch

    Hi all! I've got some sad news: My brand new (updated 01.20 firmware) GoPro Hero 8 Black has been glitching out with HyperSmooth enabled in 4K60... See this for what's going on. I have no idea why this is happening, and it didn't happen later that day for quite a long consecutive recording...
  5. DB Moto

    Joining MP4 files - good idea or bad?

    Good morning from New Zealand, everyone! I hope you're having a great day no matter where you are in the world :) As I'm editing more videos over time, I'm now starting to show some interest in combining .mp4 files from my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and GoPro Hero 8 Black into one for each. Currently...
  6. NW1441

    Extended Battery Life - Go Pro Hero 6

    What are we doing these days for extended battery power on go pro hero 6/7 while motovlogging? Do I have to tape a power bank on my helmet or can I tuck it in my jacket?
  7. HippoDrone

    There is a new action cam in town....

    WOW, this looks really impressive, and supports an external mic... I want to see what the USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack looks like as this could kick GoPro out of the game possibly unless they can sort the audio requirements of motovloggers...
  8. SighBored

    GoPro Hero7 Ulanzi case

    Someone shared the case that has a slot for the [damn f**king annoying] microphone adapter, so I went ahead and got one. Reason: 1. I didn't want the hassle of some temporary fixture of the mic adapter to the helmet shell. 2. I didn't want the hassle of figuring out how to route the cable...
  9. Fulltilt

    Motovlog mic set up?

    Hey guys! Does anyone have any links to what they think are the best quality mics for a GoPro motovlog setup? Thanks!
  10. LoneWolfer

    The Pro Nomad Vlog Case for Gopro

    Saw this product and thought it might appeal to those vloggers who use the Gopro Mic Adapter Dongle so that you can have it securely mounted with the camera rather than off to the side with velcro or what have you.
  11. LoneWally

    Unlimited Video Upload To GoPro Cloud Storage

    Saw this somewhere else. Not a bad price $4.99 a month if you want to archive all your footage at full res etc
  12. HippoDrone

    The NEW Insta360 One X Action Camera is AWESOME :-)

    Ok, I think we are still going to be using traditional action cams for a while yet, but this thing is a potential game changer! :)
  13. N

    Macbook PRO and 1080P Videos

    Went to review some footage today, mainly the difference between recording in 4K at 60FPS and recording in 1080P at 240FPS with the GoPro Hero6 Black but my MacBook Pro won't play the 1080P footage, it just stutters along. This is a brand new Macbook Pro so I doubt it's hardware/software. Any ideas?
  14. HippoDrone

    Guide Helmet Setup For Gopro Hero 5 & Hero 6 Black

    After my last audio improvement video I posted I was asked to do a helmetcam setup video so here it is:
  15. Ironside

    Guide Gopro Audio Backpack & 10u

    When I initially paired this I just paired it from the config menu when I should have paired it as an intercom. Audio test is at 7:21
  16. Ironside

    Sena Gopro Audio Pack - Hd Or No Hd

    Switching to a new setup which includes the GoPro backpack and my SENA headset is the 10U but from Schuberth (SC10U) I don't think it supports HD audio and without it, the sound is a step down from my previous quality. Is anyone else using the GoPro backpack and what headset are you using with it?
  17. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed Audio Improvements....

    Just a dinky motovlog for you today, I've made some changes to my audio set up, let me know in the comments on the video if you think it is an improvement or not? :-)
  18. AmpdMoto

    Rant Store Bought Bobbers

    Just my opinion of these bikes.
  19. UrbanRidin

    Sena 20s Slim Version With Sena Gopro Backpack Selling my Sena 20S Slim Version and Sena GoPro Backpack with the Waterproof Case. Everything works fine. Will sell both to forum members for $270. Located in West LA. Looking for local pickup. Thanks!
  20. WingManGT

    Gopro Hero 6 Coming Soon

    Today I've just read an article stating that the Hero 6 black will be announced on 28th of September and there is a sneak peak. It seem just like the old one but will now shoot in 4K60fps :D. Yay. Will anyone upgrade for that 60fps goodness? source...
  21. Matt Leech

    2wv Said "if They Made The Drift With Gopro Quality, I'd Be All Over That"

    The quality on the Ghost-4K at 1080 60fps is excellent. As to whether it's as good as similarly-priced (£212) GoPros, I don't know, but if it's good enough then why would motovloggers need more? Here is some of my footage from Ghost-4K. I haven't picked these for being particularly good...
  22. HippoDrone

    Rant Gopro Hero Five Is Garbo..... (audio Nsfw)

    info is in the description, I am f'in fuming, sorry for the obscene amount of foul language (even for me this one is bad for swearing).
  23. MC97

    Gopro Hero 5 Price Drop

    Hello everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that GoPro just dropped the price of the GoPro Hero 5 Black $50, bringing the price down to $349.00, I picked one up for my first motovlogging setup along with a mic adapter and I paired it with a "Giant Squid" omnidirectional microphone off of...
  24. B

    Gopro 5 Audio Adapter?

    I originally received this one in the mail only to find out the gopro 5 doesn't use Mini USB, but uses its own proprietary gopro connector (how ridiculous is that?): link 1 (see attachment) The only adapter I can find for the gopro 5 is this one, and its huge! link 2 (see attachment) Does...
  25. KittenMeat

    Serious Had A Trip Down To Socal/central Valley To Visit Musical Road And Poppy Field, Gopro Messed Up

    managed to run the footage through a filter to salvage the completely overexposed footage. it looks garbage and i was so upset but i cut the footage and made something anyway... anyone else had this happen before? I've had my gopro screw up SO MUCH FOOTAGE I'm so sick of it.
  26. HippoDrone

    Gopro Hero 5 Black & Hero 5 Session External Mic Fix

    How to fix the one-touch record issue when running an external microphone....
  27. Nefarious

    New Motovloger

    Hey guys! I just found this amazing website and i wanted to salute all of you from London. I ride a Yamaha Mt03 2007 and i record it with a GoPro Sesion5. Check my channel and help me improve my work. Drive safe!
  28. JScrambler

    Camera Mount On Shoei Rf-1200?

    Anyone else out there have this helmet? I'm having trouble finding a mounting location. This helmet have angles along the areas that would normally be smooth. Which is keeping the gopro mount from sticking to the surface.

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