1. HippoDrone

    Guide Get That Drone Style "Follow Me" Footage

    This is how I record the 3rd person on bike footage:
  2. HippoDrone

    Review 2018 in Review + I'm Giving Away a Free Drone! :-)

    Thank you to all who have followed my channel and watched it grow. Happy Christmas and here's to an awesome 2019.

    Review Dji Spark Introduction.

  4. HippoDrone

    General My New Bike....

  5. Matt Leech

    Guide Active Track On The Dji Mavic Pro

    Here's a feature of the drone that I think moto vloggers will find interesting: Active Track. You start by putting the drone into the air and pointing the camera back at yourself. The footage from the drone is shown on your controller, so on the screen you simply tap on yourself or draw a...
  6. Matt Leech

    Guide Ladybower Reservoir, Filmed With Dji Mavic Pro

    Not strictly a moto-vid, but some people have been asking to see footage from the drone that I'll be using to create some moto vlogs in the future. I am just now editing an 'Active Track' clip that is more relevant to the forum. I'll post that one as soon as it's ready.
  7. Matt Leech

    Flying Drone While Out On Bike

    Went out for a blast through the Peak District last night and took my drone along for the ride. Stopped off at a parking spot near Ladybower Reservoir and captured some great footage. This is a still from the video (downscaled for upload to website):
  8. JoshAFJ

    Dji Fires Back With A New Small Drone

    The industry was talking about Go Pro last week with all their announcements, especially about their new drone. The one thing that I loved about to Go Pro drone is the small portability of it....well DJI, the industry leader in drones imo, just announced a new small drone that folds down a...
  9. BigGreek

    Drones & Opinions

    Looking to buy a Drone.... Looking to attach a Go Pro 3+ Black edition. This will be my first drone, while I've been wanting one for a while. There are a few things holding me back. Number one on that list is recording time, with the max time of 30 min for the hefty price tags seems to hold me...

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