1. DangerCDV

    Plastidip on a sportbike

    Not sure if anyone else has used plastidip on their motorcycles, but mine was originally the bright blue. Now it is black with red splatter. Cheap and easily removable, I just wanted a unique a fun look. Bike is a 2015 Suzuki GSXR600
  2. Mr. G

    Custom Bikes!

    any one else into custom builds? If do, who is your favorite custom builder?
  3. lupin

    Insane Aussie Custom Build

    Its not everyday your going to see something like this. Its also not everyday you find out it was build by one guy in only 9 weeks
  4. HippoDrone

    Review Bikes In The Bay Motorcycle Show

    Took a spin on the Guzzi over to this awesome bike show in Kent last Sunday: Was a fantastic day out and well worth the visit, I think next year they are changing venues to an even larger site which sounds promising! :)
  5. MaximMotor

    Motovlogger From Canada Plus Custom Bikes!

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and just released my first motovlog. I'm very excited to release more videos! Eventually I will have my motovlogs on custom bikes that I built and feature custom bikes builds that I do in my garage. If you guys want to check me out search me up on youtube at Maxim...
  6. HippoDrone

    General Finally Get My Fuel Pump, Now Can I Get The Bike Running?

    Been waiting weeks for this to turn up, missed scorching heat and sooo many sunny days. Can I now say my "winter" project is complete?
  7. HippoDrone

    General Finally Finished It....

    My Moto Guzzi V7 video reveal of the finished bike...
  8. HippoDrone

    Ok, So It Is Still A Work In Progress.....

    I am currently massively customising my Moto Guzzi V7, and it hasn't been without it's stresses, in fact today by being a tit I just cost myself £500 as I trashed my fuel pump by over torquing it so am a bit grumpy this eve. I have however got my new paintwork back and fortunately I got a refund...
  9. SighBored

    Custom "v" Shape Chin Mount For Agv Pista/corsa Gp

    So I recently got myself the AGV Pista GP helmet, which was on my wishlist ever since it's introduction, never could get past the price tag but so happens they had a good deal going on, plus it was the fully plain version (no VR46 yeah!), with a free extra visor included in the deal.. So enough...
  10. HippoDrone

    I Been Painting....

    My bike is getting a proper paint job done at the moment so I have started tidying up some of the remaining jobs to get the bike finished. Started by grinding the footpeg lugs off the brackets so they are a bit nicer to look at. I then gave them some paint as well as the front mudguard bracket...
  11. RiderInRed

    Cheapest Custom T-shirt

    Hey guys. Wondering where is the cheapest place to get a custom T-shirt. I'm looking for only 1-2 pieces for my own usage atm. Same would go for keychains.
  12. kryten

    How Many Of You Make Custom Channel Trailers?

    I was working on my new channel trailer for this year and it made me curious who else does custom channel trailers. For the last few years I've tried to make a new one each year. Here are the ones for the last two years. Post yours here so we can see them.
  13. HippoDrone

    How To Make A Skatedeck Underseat Mudguard....

    This is not finished yet, I'll add a second part once I have made the mounting brackets.
  14. HippoDrone

    General It Is Back! :d

  15. HippoDrone

    General Twisted Iron's 4hr Custom Bike Build....

    Went over to catch up with some mates from the Midlands on my Ducati Sport Classic and to watch some rather talented chaps transform my mate Don's bike in just 4hrs! :)
  16. Cndn Ray

    My Customized 2006 Zx10r - Canadian Ray

    Hey people, just started motovlogging and thought hitting a forum would be a good idea. Not too sure where to start, so here are some pics of me beloved beast ;)
  17. O

    Custom Mic On Sena 20s W/ Gp10?

    Has anyone spliced their own microphone onto the sena 20s and recorded audio with the GP10? I really like the GP10/20s combo but it's just not picking up enough ambient noise for my liking (conversations with people on the street, engine noise from a quiet-ish bike, traffic noise, etc)
  18. fed007

    Go Pro - Custom 3d Printed Mount

    I am running a Hero 4 black on an Arai XD4 with Sena 20s and Sena Bacpac. Stock Mic, from Sena. Thinking of adding a dead cat. The hooligan style helmet did not provide great mounting options so I built my own mount using Blender and a 3D printer. Turned out really awesome, all my pics...
  19. Filthy

    Custom Vinyls

    Looking to replace my OEM Kawasaki logos on my fairing with something else. Anyone have any suggestions to where I can order them?
  20. RangerRide

    Custom Gopro Chin Mount? I Need Help Asap

    i need some help mounting my gopro to my gm11d i saw a video on it buy it wasn't in detail i tried to do it but every time i get a cross wind it moves or if i turn my head fast i hit it with my shoulder and it moves its very lose if i shake my head back and forth it moves a lot heres the video...
  21. mykb93

    Custom Motovlogger Stickers

    well since I am up to my eyeballs in @JohnnyGrom stickers for winning my giveaway, I wanted everyone to get their own stickers. You can click HERE and order your own. And at checkout use the code: "motovlog" to get 10% off. If you have any questions, send me a message.
  22. RangerRide

    Walteriffic Style Helmet?

    im looking to make a walterrific style helmet any one wanting to give me ideas im going to be using a gm11d
  23. Tugboat

    Tugboat Has A Update!

    A few weeks ago, well now month and more, I posted for my first time here. Some may not have seen my R1 before I started my project of giving it a one of the kind 1970's style panels all over it. Just got back from a 430 mile ride after being mid project and could not stand not riding. Here's...
  24. BridgeCity

    Custom Url?

    How do you get a custom url for Youtube?

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