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Sep 22, 2019
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So my channel (just when I really want it to have a boost in views) is in a slump. It has happened each year so far, almost to the same level... Mostly my fault as I go to one video a week compared to 2 in the summer... I was really hoping to hit 500,000 views by my channiversary at Christmas, but I think that is now out of reach sadly. I'll be damned close, but no cigar! :D
Do you all have a similar slump, and those of you in the southern hemisphere see a drop seasonally too (not necessarily in your current season)?
It makes me wonder what the viewers do this time of year as they ride less, so surely should have more time to watch videos... in my head, views should increase, not decrease! :D
I am considering a change in tactics for 2020, and maybe recording just as much in the summer months, but only posting once a week, and then in winter actually posting 2 videos a week by using the extra summer footage. It does get difficult at times to keep a consistent timeline though, as often videos refer to things that were current at the time it was recorded, but are long since announced on the channel.
Do any of you have thoughts on this, what do you do to maintain a consistent amount of views? :)
Don't think my channel is yet big enough to really notice peaks and troughs in views but I can say my own recent absence has been at the hands of BT and their useless customer services department.


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Jan 5, 2013
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I found out that Youtube doesn't refresh my view coubter correctly.
On my page the Zh2 video said 81 views for the longest time. But in youtube studios inside that video it 349 views.
Same here.
When i look on my channel it says 24.
When i look on the video it says 40.
When i look on Youtube Studio it says 43.


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