What's your favourite upload?


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Feb 24, 2019
South Australia
I ride a
Have a watch of my 1st gear challenge- there are ways around speed limited roads. ;):cool::)
That is way to difficult man xD

The rebuild series maybe , if we look at the fun i had during that process.

Or the Zero FX review, because i had way to much fun riding that thing (and almost crashing it).

Or Life of a Rider, because that was fun editing and thinking out.

Or of 2019, then he isn't online yet, or it is the one Talking about Riding.

But when we talking about watching back yourself then i would have to guess; Greenlaning with a Kawasaki GPZ400R.
Different times, great memories to both vacation to England and to that bike. And i can still remember that day itself ;)
GREEN LANES ON A GPZ400R lol I shall enjoy watching that hahahah. Brilliant.
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