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May 5, 2014
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There's many questions which get asked, best camera, best mic, how to get subs, but the main question about the forum is; is it available on Tapatalk.

Simply the answer is no it isn't and no it won't be.

The forum has been optimised and tinkered to work on mobile, email alerts can be set up as can internal forum alerts.

Notification preferences can be set in your profile and Alert settings can be set there too, or click the Alerts button at the top of every page and at the bottom of the list is Alert Preferences.

There are issues linking with Tapatalk hence the time and effort gone in to customising the forum for optimal mobile use.

However your feedback ia valuable. While Tapatalk won't be coming to this forum, any ideas are welcomed by putting a post in the Feedback area. We can't promise to be able to adopt all ideas, but we'll look at the practicalities of them if there's support for it from members.

Sorry we can't adopt it, hope you understand and we'll do what we can to keep improving the forum as we can and as new features get released by the software vendors.

Thanks folks!
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