Do you script your vlog?

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Jan 1, 2021
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This is where it gets weird. I'm just on the asperger's spectrum which isn't a big deal at all, but does have some advantages. One advantage is that in some situations I can 'split' my thought process, so I can think of something, then say it while the other half of my brain is thinking about the next paragraph. It's not a get out of jail free card, but it does make it easier to vlog with just a topic rather than a more intense script.

I didn't realise until only a few years ago that not everyone can do this.


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Aug 31, 2020
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That's a pretty neat skill to have. I certainly do not have that.

What's funny is that I did a video yesterday wherein I showed off my favorite moto vlogging moments of 2020, and I think my subconscious was worried about whacking my green screen (which was RIGHT behind me so it took up most of the frame), so my delivery, according to my wife, as way less animated than usual and not as fun to watch.

Not 100% related to your skill, but still something to think about.

Related to the topic: I didn't script that video. I just went through my "posted videos" folder and found my favorites and imported them into Resolve and then went through them on camera, so no script.

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