Serious Car Drives Into Motorcycle


L Plate Member
Jan 5, 2013
The Netherlands
I ride a
Yamaha XT660R
Car droves into my lane, without me giving a real option to brake.

Yes, I was speeding a bit, like most people there.
And the lady admitted see didn't look to the right twice, to estimated my speed.
So we decided we both make a mistake and leaved it at that.


Wannabie Member
Sep 5, 2016
I ride a
Ninja ZX6R.
Fortunate for the most part, she had already turned into the lane... so was more of a glancing impact, compared to riding directly into a wing/side of her car !
Did you get away with no damage to your bike, perhaps her wing mirror took a hit?

Looks like you might have disturbed a dogging session going on in the back of that 'Car Wash' van, parked in the layby, at the end!?? :eek: :D

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