1. Sidewinder

    Hey Everyone Im Back

    Its been awhile! Last November I was in a accident. I was not hurt bad and the bike was fixable! I ended up with minimal road rash and 3 broken ribs. I hit a 2x4 witch popped up and jammed between the brake rotor and the wheel. Sending the bike in to a uncontrollable tank slapper. I ended up...
  2. JBH

    Feedback Needed A Different Take On My Crash Video :d

    Luckily I wasn't harmed, nor was the bike damaged! I tried to do it a bit differently in comparisson to all the other crash vids. Tell me what you think of it!
  3. BehindBars

    Rant Why Do People Hate Yammie Noob?

    Drama alert. Got a bit wound up by all the hate directed at Yammie after his most recent crash, so did what we do and vlogged it. This is my opinion, at not aimed directly at anyone.
  4. Abay

    Posting Crash Video

    I just saw a video on youtube of a crash involving 2 bikes and 2 cars. One rider died from the crash. Its clearly the riders fault. The crash happened just a few days back. Pretty sure the uploader isnt a relative or friend of the riders involved in the crash. He showed the footage, explained...
  5. IronicRbnd

    General Check Your Mirrors!

  6. HippoDrone

    Rant Crashed Cars, Bike Reviews And Raf Headley Court

    Am a little disappointed with the video quality so my apologies about that! x
  7. IronHorse

    Funny My First Crash Video

    Luckily it was nothing more than just a small spill, but I was undeniably disappointed in myself for this one. On the plus side, I got it on film, lol. The fumble is around 1:15 if anyone wants to skip my rambling and pathetic wheelies. Anybody else have some funny stories or videos of them...

    Funny Vr Motorcycle Fail

  9. Yamalash

    Hellooooooooo From Chicago!

    Hello hello helloOOoOOOooOo! First of all I want to say thank you for all the helpful threads on here for how to get started motovlogging. Just a very short background on me- I was born in Chicago, moved to Colorado last year and started riding an R6. Rode for a few months and crashed on the...
  10. IronicRbnd

    Funny New Channel Promo

    New and Improved for 2016/2017, have a look, stay a while
  11. IronicRbnd

    Serious Motorcycle Group Ride Crash

  12. IronicRbnd

    Serious Crash Aftermath Footage

  13. x-sbk

    Eject.....shannonville Race Licence High Side

    Eject, Still a hard one to watch for me.. Long Story short, it's always the Crashers fault, could have been a lot worse. But with that said buddy did not listen to the instructor when he said if you are 1st fall back to last after each lap. Thank GOD for all the gear.
  14. thunderous71

    Serious Biker Down

    Take care all.
  15. IronicRbnd

    General Surviving A Crash...

  16. x-sbk

    Last Track Day Of 2016 Crash

    Last Track day of 2016 Crash
  17. IronicRbnd

    Serious Ktm Crash!

  18. IronicRbnd

    Serious Another Crash?!?!?

  19. Meifesto

    Serious Car Drives Into Motorcycle

    Car droves into my lane, without me giving a real option to brake. Yes, I was speeding a bit, like most people there. And the lady admitted see didn't look to the right twice, to estimated my speed. So we decided we both make a mistake and leaved it at that.
  20. Carmo

    Serious My Last Crash (yes, Footage Included!) & What I Learned

    G'day, For my 500 sub special I dusted off some old footage of my last crash and decided to put it to good use; some entertainment for all and the lessons learned by me. Enjoy.
  21. dandoolittle

    Funny My Mate Nonangrybiker' Fell Off His Cycle

    I am totally and utterly abusing my admin powers to auto promote this video. In the video is my mate nonangrybiker. He has left engines to take up bi-cycling. Here is him falling head first in the greatest fashion over well, nothing other than riding forwards!!
  22. SighBored

    Serious Up Close With A Bad Crash Aftermath

    Getting up close to a bad crash.
  23. Filthy

    Serious Messed Up Bad People.

    Will be out of the game for a while. Broken wrist (took two days for symptoms) and my fairings are shot. Will need to research what parts will need to be replaced as well. Good news is it still runs, no leaks, will just need to tighten up the clutch. -Filthy
  24. IronicRbnd

    Serious Cbr Crash!!

  25. JohnnyGrom

    Serious Wheelie Crash

    I learned how to do balance point wheelies. I also learned how to loop out and mess up a bike... All done in a safe controlled environment off the streets!!
  26. JBH

    General Bike Walkaround + 1st Crash

    I hope you enjoy the vid, if so go ahead and support my channel! Stay safe compadres!

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