1. MotoGinji

    Funny A Ride with MotoGinji!

    We came together with a couple of followers from instagram and did a small MotoGinji rideout. There would have been more people IF THE FREAKING WEATHER DIDN'T MESS WITH OUT PLANS!!!!!
  2. SnowDrift

    Huntsville AL Meetup???

    Good afternoon everyone, My name is SnowDrift, My wife and I just relocated Down to Huntsville, We lived in Tennessee all our life and thats where I began Motovlogging, I wanted to get a feel for this forum and just see where everyone was from, thanks and have a great day.
  3. HippoDrone

    Review Motorcycle Live - NEC Birmingham

    This is pretty much the best bike show in the UK. If you are UK based, do you plan on attending, if so when? :-) If you are outside the UK, what shows do you have that are worth your time and cash?
  4. HYF

    Mcm London Motorcycle Show At The Excel Center

    hey guys hope you have all have a lovely xmas. out of interest is any one going or thinking about going to the mcm motorbike show at the excel in feb ?? as i have been brought a ticket for xmas and was going to ride up and stay over night, if any one is going or is thinking about it let me...
  5. Mr. G

    Motorcycle History Lesson But Not Boring =)

    My motovlog "Rode to freedom" releases a new episode every Thursday. Today's was on reprised motorcycle technology taken from Nazi Germany. Their is a picture posted of the bikes in question on my Instagram which is Edward j Guth. And my Facebook sports another bike as well. Facebook is also...
  6. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed Motorcycle Live/nec Bike Show 2017

    Hey folks, am off to the NEC for the 2017 Motorcycle Live Bike Show this weekend. If there is anything you'd like me to specifically feature please drop a comment in my YouTube video comments section. I'll be checking the comments while I am at the show on Saturday so will try and feature any...
  7. TerroristBiker

    Middle East Encountering The Motorcycle

    where asphalt is too cold to walk , people are too narrow to filter , too sunny to forget its hot-road mirages , too shy to capture its moments ...
  8. MrNapper

    My Wife My Motorcycle Mechanic....

    The wife is as much as I am a DIYer. If she wants to do something she will get it done. Don't know, she will learn. Tired of messing with local crappy bike shops that was little to no help and already screwed us huge on labor. So she took it upon herself to tilt her Buell engine and do her own...
  9. CodeNameAB

    General Man Rides Motorcycle Slightly Fast On A Rainy Trackday

    Anti click bait video title inspired by none other than the BaronVonGrumble ;) I had never ridden on such a wet track before! But like they say, you dont ride in rain, you dont ride!
  10. LoneWally

    General Just Cause It Has A Motorcycle Engine Dosen't Mean You Can Filter

    Found this on my Surface was all edited and wasn't posted. Sorry about the camera angle its from my old set up.
  11. Make Rides

    Funny The Long Way Up. A Crazy Motorcycle Journey

    Contains rude words and stupid stuff. This is my typical type of Vlogging. I cant do serious :)
  12. HippoDrone

    Review Bikes In The Bay Motorcycle Show

    Took a spin on the Guzzi over to this awesome bike show in Kent last Sunday: Was a fantastic day out and well worth the visit, I think next year they are changing venues to an even larger site which sounds promising! :)
  13. mcpro

    Serious Busted A Motorcycle Thief! - Good Feeling.

    Hey guys, so I actually caught a motorcycle thief here in NZ red handed and to be fair I feel quite proud of myself and even more so because of the circumstances involved, as even the cops said to me, most people would have just ignored and carried on. In the end it was a very good result, 1...
  14. LoneWolfer

    General Laconia Motorcycle Week 2017

    I took a little ride up to New Hampshire for Laconia Motorcycle Week 2017. This is a part 1 of the series of vlogs I am going about the trip. I take the new Indian Scout Sixty for a spin through the country side during the indian Demo Rides at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Part 2 is also...
  15. HippoDrone

    Motorcycle Silencer Repacking

    Hi, This short video shows how to repack an exhaust baffle for your silencer. This baffle type just has a bolt to undo to allow you to remove it, others are riveted in so would require drilling out (thanks @EDcase for the heads up).
  16. HippoDrone

    Motorcycle Silencer Change - How To

    Again just like the brake pad change, this is a task anyone should be able to carry out (providing no defects in the parts) ;-)
  17. HippoDrone

    Motorcycle Brake Pad Change - How To

    Hi all, here is a short video showing how to change the brake pads on most motorcycle brake calipers:
  18. moto anzac

    From Australia To Turkey

    Hey guys, I was a car-fanatic in Australia, moved to Turkey but.. struggled to pursue my passion. It took me some time but I finally found an alternative; the motorcycle scene! After getting into motorcycles, it slowly made me get into watching VLOGS. I'm probably subscribed to most of you...
  19. lupin

    Funny Motorcycle Things

  20. thunderous71

    Serious How Your Bike Is Stolen In Seconds

    Come on people, even if leaving your bike for a moment. Put a lock on it!
  21. Reize

    General Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2017

    Sup guys! Finally back from Tokyo and finally have the time to start editing the footage I took while there. This particular video is dedicated to the Tokyo Motorcycle Show at the Tokyo Big Sight while I was there. Amazing event definitely.
  22. JBH

    Funny Motorcycle Police Teaches Us How To Ride

    Had a great day performing all sorts of exercises under the close supervision and guidance of the local Motorcycle Police force!
  23. burlyjack

    Maybe It's All In My Head?

    Just a random rambling here. Maybe it's just me, but has anyone noticed that most blind-spot monitoring systems on cars rarely detect a motorcycle. I've noticed several times the warning light won't come on until my front tire is almost even with their front door, if it comes on at all. However...
  24. CodeNameAB

    Guide Best Way To Warm Up Your Motorcycle Tyres

    Contrary to popular opinion, zig zagging on your motorcycle doesnt generate much heat on your tyres unlike in the case of a car where it indeed helps. So accelerating and braking is the best way. You can read more about it here
  25. JBH

    General Brand New Motorcycle Reveal

    I've been waiting for months to make this vid, and the moment has finally arrived!! Hope you guys like it!
  26. ScootWook

    Music 2017 Timonium Motorcycle Show

    2017 Timonium Motorcycle Show, loads of new bikes, custom creations and more. Really enjoyed filming and editing this video even though I looked like an asshole trying to take creative shots with my handheld gopro. Very chill, lots of amazing sights and some good its in 4K for...
  27. WKD Rider

    Weekend Rider - Motovlogger From The Philippines

    Hi Everyone! I am Weekend Rider. I am a motovlogger wannabe from the Philippines. I use my motorcycle for everyday commute going to work and also going to other places. I started motovlogging when I got an action camera for my helmet. After my first video, I got hooked into making more. Hope...

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