1. chrisw959

    General Edit Station Challenge

    Heres something a little different, off the bike this time. I've tagged Adventures With Woody, Hepcat Harley and Skeggy Cruiser as well as anyone else who wants to take part.
  2. R-Rated

    Funny Motopumping challenge

    Credit to @LoneWolfer for the genesis of the challenge...
  3. R-Rated

    Funny 3x3?3 challenge

    Norfolk and Good issues a challenge and I get creative in my reply...
  4. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed The Challenge Accepted Motovlog Community Post

    @Adam_wmv runs a Facebook page called "Challenge Accepted (Motovlog)" I really like the idea of it and have enjoyed making videos on the challenges that have been posted on there. So with that in mind, I propose we do a similar thing on here...
  5. HippoDrone

    A Little Challenge....

    I know @lupin has a goal of 1k subs, obvs we all want our channels to grow so how about we look to 2018 as the year we help each other to grow? It doesn't take much, just a mention of another motovlogger in your video and then add a link to them in the description, and you can even add them into...
  6. Sportster

    1000 Subs Mod Challenge. Thoughts???

    Hey guys! So I have decided to start a little challenge for my youtube channel Challenge to myself. Only to get a mod, after every 1000 subs Right now I only have 70 subscribers is this too ambitious? Is it going to take too long? how long did it take you all who have more than 1000 subs to...
  7. whingnut

    Challenge Sticky

    Can we get a sticky with the different site challenges & rules for them with run dates?
  8. S

    Challenge: Finding Low-profile Motovloggers

    YouTube is a fickle website. It's easy to stumble on a motovlogger with 6 or 7 digit subscriber numbers and views. Not so easy to find the little guys. So here's my challenge: Find motovloggers NOT associated with this site, that has less than 10,000 subscribers and typical views. I think...
  9. Captain

    Funny Portuguese Challenge

  10. CodeNameAB

    General First Gear Challenge | Bmw S1000rr

    How fast does the S1000RR go in first gear? Here is your answer! PS : This was the first time I recorded, edited and uploaded the video on the same day! :D
  11. weeemrcb

    Booom!!! ... Fireweem #wp30

    I'm doing a picture challenge in case anyone wants to give it a go? Push the creativity a wee bit :) The challenge is to create, edit and upload one picture a day for 30 days to your preferred choice of social media (#wp30). The first few days were fairly easy, but after day 4 or 5 ... it...
  12. chix

    General Callout: Chix's Tag Me, Tag My Bike Challenge

    You can skip through the bike history section if you get bored...I've had quite a few bikes haha. It starts at 3:26 and ends 9:35 I was tagged by @lupin to keep up the challenge, idea is to vlog about the following questions and tag...
  13. NS.YT

    General I've Got A Motovlogger Challenge For You!!

    I've created a challenge for all my motovloggers out there and in here. My channel is new on the scene and I've decided to get involved and get to know some of you. The challenge is Life@35 if you think you can handle it.
  14. Marbro_za

    Grumpy Bear June Challenge

    Hi guys Time for the June challenge Congrats to @SalvageSV for winning last month, He has chosen this months topic "What is your favourite mod or add-on" This is only for your bike people, Things you have done, or seen done to bikes Remember to give Salvage a shout out, Mention
  15. Mr AusAdventure

    General 2 Motovlogger Challenges For You

    Hi all. It's been a while since I posted anything in here, but guess what! It's Motovlogger Challenge Time! This could be a good way for some of you with smaller channels to get some extra exposure. Do you like to get out and explore new places? Do you like to create videos showing cool...

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