1. whingnut

    Cancel culture, has it hit our little bubble of happiness yet?

    so as some of you know i am floating on a warship on the other side of the planet from my home. we currently have all soical media platforms blocked onboard. and some news outlets are blocked as well. this is done for two reasons one being OPSEC or operational security. the second is to preserve...
  2. Saythejay

    NEW YOUTUBER saythejay

    Hey what’s going on everyone! Not sure how this works but I’d like to link with more motovloggers in the community. I post a decent amount of videos on a bunch of different bikes so if you’d like to see some terrible wheelies and corny jokes then I have the channel for you. Saythejay on YouTube...
  3. lilith.L

    New Motovlogger

    Hello All, I'm Lilith new to youtube as a motovlogger from New Zealand. I do have my own license but am currently pillion on the back of my partners Daytona 675. Feel free to like and subscribe :)
  4. DB Moto

    General Money money money... talking about YouTube monetisation

    Goooood afternoon from New Zealand, Thrill Seekers. I hope you're having a spectacular day! If you'd like to join me in my latest video chatting about YouTube monetisation, I'd love to have you on board. TGIF!
  5. DB Moto

    YouTube in 4K - Safari might be lying to you

    Good morning, Thrill Seekers. I hope you're having a killer day, wherever you are in the world. I thought I'd share a little wisdom with you. I've recently started my channel on YouTube, and even though I've had prior uploads for non-vlogging purposes, this is my first run-in with 4K60p. I...
  6. SM26

    Limited monetization - Why it happens and how to fix?

    Hey folks! (Hope it's OK to ask this kind of stuff here, didn't saw anything when read the rules) Lately, more and more of my videos has become "Limited monetization". I didn't change anything I mostly use the same tags, my content is generally in the same area/topic/them I've seen a video...
  7. HeyItsRick

    The use of #hashtags

    How many of yall are properly using hashtags in your videos/social media posts? I've pulled hashtags from larger channels on youtube but it seems to be a shot in the dark alot of times, clout(sub-count) weighs heavily over actual keyword searches it seems. I started using hashtags in my...
  8. SighBored

    Silver Award

    I assumed YouTube would do it automatically, but maybe I slipped through their radar after taking forever to reach the goal. So anyways, after totally forgetting about it, I finally remembered and decided to drop them an email. They were pretty quick, and so it's on order now. Finally. LOL...
  9. SighBored

    YouTube Premiere

    I guess this would be YT's latest feature. I watched their tutorial video about it, I think it's just a different way of showcasing your scheduled video. In the past you will just schedule it like normal, but nobody would "know", they just assume it will be up on the same day/time as usual. This...
  10. LoneWally

    YouTube Date Bug

    So I've been in my sub box and spotted a vid Theo. I've gone into watch it and I've gone to the comments and despite it saying on the sub page that it was uploaded yesterday and the same in the description (highlighted in red) yet if I go into the comments it shows them from 7 months ago...
  11. HippoDrone

    YouTube Analytics - Traffic Sources

    I was wondering what the normal is for traffic sources? Mine has changed quite a lot from how it looked in my first 28 days to now. I wonder if YouTube actually promotes new channels more than we thought? This was my fist 28 days: And this is my last 28 days: I think it is great to have...
  12. HippoDrone

    Guide How To Improve Your Video Quality On YouTube

    As discussed on another thread, thanks to @R-Rated for putting me on to this tip:
  13. WheelyPerd

    Thoughts on creating subtitles

    What are your thoughts on creating subtitles for Youtube, more specifically for non-english users? I noticed that at least 50% of my viewers were from non-english countries. Not sure if you guys see similar stats FYI you can create English subtitles and YT will translate. I've personally used...
  14. jthomas

    Rant Small Youtube Channel Demonetization

    My take on YouTubes decision to demonetize small channels.
  15. Punekar

    Introducing Myself as Motovlogging

    Hi riders I'm Tushar from Pune, Maharashtra, India I'm student of Computer engineering. I love bikes, have ridden 40,000 kms (approx). I ride Bullet 350, using GoPro Hero 5. I started recording videos firstly for safety. I often ride solo. (In our country people always blame bikers if anything...
  16. R-Rated

    Funny My answer to YouTube Awareness

  17. WheelyPerd

    Short Clips With Action

    What do you guys do with all your footage of something that happened quickly? Lets say a bird almost flew into you, thats not enough to make a whole video. I could make a montage video, but then do you save all birds almost flying into you and make a video themed around that? OR do you make a...
  18. R-Rated

    Apocalypse Spreads - Innocent Anti-rage Videos Are Taken Out

    So the mysterious anti-monetizing calculation seems to pick up on just words? How is an anti-road rage video a target? So, I am going to try something. What if I change the title and maybe thumbnail? Will it remain an outcast or not?
  19. Cherrie

    Youtube "limited Or No Ads - Not Suitable For Most Advertisers"

    Anyone else facing this issue? I saw a big name motovlogger posting about this issue, but never thought it would be an issue with mine since my videos are soooo G rated lol. I posted two new videos in the last week, and they both got flagged for this. The first one had 1000 views by the time...
  20. HippoDrone

    Haha, I've Had My First Encounter With The Adpocalyps! :d

    Am not quite sure what they took offence to, but LOL I'm never gonna make any money on YouTube, but I think they are very wierd on what constitutes demonetizing. This is the video in question: Not exactly my finest motovlog, but IMO, seriously lacking any reason to remove ads?
  21. lupin

    Youtube Subscriber Report Update.

    Read about it here. Now includes where people came from when they clicked the magic button. Should help you concentrate on where your subs are actually coming from.
  22. Ironside

    Automatic Youtube Subscriber Link

    This is something I use when I link my Channel and couldn't find any mention of it on the forum so I thought I'd post the link. If you add the following to your channel URL the user will get a box asking to confirm the subscription ?sub_confirmation=1 For example...
  23. VaVaBroom

    My New Motovlog Channel! :)

    Greetings fellow motovloggers :) So i finally decided to make myself a new YouTube channel and created an introduction video the other day. I'm completely new to all this so any support would be much appreciated :) I cannot post a video link as my account on here is new, but hope you guys enjoy...
  24. 2WV

    Youtube Updated

    I'll be the first to go on record i'm having mixed thoughts/feels with the new youtube styling. After playing around with some of its new features, The new Dark Theme looks hella awesome imo. Also if you guys prefered the old youtube styling, you can always revert back under your avatar(where...
  25. Matt Leech

    Feedback Needed First Attempt At Multi-camera Live Stream On Youtube

    I've done a few tests with single-camera live streaming on youtube today, but the setup for multi-cam is a little more involved so I have no idea whether this is going to work. The stream will go live at 18:00 UTC+1 and should be live for about fifteen minutes at which point I'll lose...
  26. lupin

    So for a few weeks now I've been using to analyze my videos. At the moment its still in beta, so its free by invite only (invite below) What I'm finding is although its not offering anything you can't work out from the normal youtube anatlyics...

    Is Youtube Seriously Tanking Views And Payouts Now?

    Seems really hard to make a buck on videos anymore. Why does it seem that most of us who put out quality content find it hard to gain subs and views? Whats your secret. If my channel made it to 10K subs id feel fulfilled but its a long way from the 300 im at now. What was your tactics and or...
  28. Superballs

    Should We Upload To Youtube Precompressed Or Allow Youtube To Compress Video For Us?

    I've noticed that this question has been asked a lot. I've had a recent video that I just finished and decided that I would upload it twice, with two different bitrates, and we can try to objectively decide which is the better way. I have not had a chance to view and compare my video quality...
  29. SighBored

    Not Receiving Email For Youtube Comments

    Have you guys come across this? I use to get the emails when people comment on my videos, all of a sudden the emails just stopped coming. I have tried checking on the YT help section, followed the settings guide, but still the same. I haven't raised a case with YT yet, just wanted to see if...
  30. SamBiker

    Sambiker Sharma

    Hello all. My first time in this site. I do some vlogging and post them on my YouTube channel and Instagram. The name is the same SamBiker Sharma, check it out if you get a chance.

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