1. NF Vulcan

    Off-season Content

    Other than banking videos what are yall doing in the off season? I love ice fishing so ill be making some of those videos and also probably some hunting. I tried to bank videos but got behind with work and life in general.
  2. chrisw959

    Winter Bike Nights

    So as we head into winter one thing I notice is that a lot of folks are hanging the helmets up. Since Wednesday nights are my only night out I'm still making my appearances and getting free drinks. 8 degress is lovley and warm
  3. HippoDrone

    So With The Season Ending For A Lot Of Us In The Northern Hemisphere....

    How many of you are banking videos to maintain content through the soggy cold months?
  4. HYF

    Prepping For Winter

    WINTER IS COMING !!! ( thats the game of thrones ref out the way) so here in the uk winter is just around the corner, and i know some people with be storing their bikes over winter, but for the all year riders, what are your top tips for prepping your bike for the harsh wet, cold and grim...
  5. HYF

    Best Winter Textiles (trousers) (pants For You Americans)

    so i am in the market for getting some new winter textile bottoms, i have a wolf outlaw jacket which is brilliant, i was thinking about getting the matching bottoms so i can look really cool :P what do you wear/ recommend ??
  6. Jafnhaar

    Do You Ride All Year Round...??

    Hi guys, I'm generally out on the bike all year round. I'll ride in all weathers and generally the only time I won't go out is if it is ICE or SNOW first thing in the morning... I will stay clear until the roads have been carved a little bit by cars and that is more primarily for the mongs that...
  7. lupin

    How Did You Get Though The Winter.

    So this is more of a question to those of you on the other half of the planet. Were just going into the winter here and I'm not sure how to get though the winter. In the past I've made sure that I have quite a few videos in the bank to get though the shitty weather. At the moment I only have...
  8. HippoDrone

    So When Do You Switch....

    .... from winter gloves to summer gloves? Do you wait until a set date? a set average temp? play it by ear? or do you wear the same gloves all year round? I really rate my winter gloves but love getting to that point in the biking calendar where I can switch. I tend to hang up the winter...
  9. Flyboy

    Winter Riding Tricks

    Here's a little something I learned over the years. Hopefully it can help a few of you snowbound riders.
  10. CyberSpy

    Philadelphia Pa | Beat The Arctic Blast

    Anyone around for winter meetups? We still a few sporadic days here and there until we get the uber cold temps and snow. Even during that time weekly or monthly get togethers inside somewhere warm?
  11. BlakShadow

    Guide Winter Is Here

    We got our first snow of the year yesterday. My riding season over, but I'm still having fun in the car. I also share a few tips for keeping yourself out of the snowbanks as you drive through winter.
  12. BehindBars

    Motovlogging In Winter

    So this will be my first winter season not just motovlogging, but riding. Already it's causing issues with my ability to upload content. For starters it's dark before I've finished work, so after work rides to record are no longer an option. I'd record on the commute, but it's only 1 mile of...
  13. 4CRA

    Winter Is Here.

    Threw this together a few minutes ago, couldn't help myself lol
  14. BlakShadow

    Guide Put It Away Properly

    Brace yourselves - winter is coming! Not all of us are lucky enough to live someplace you can ride year round (or have a thick enough skin to tolerate riding in super cold temperatures). I'm not quite done riding for the year yet, but my wife is, so I show you how I prep my bikes for winter...
  15. Captain

    Winter Vlogging

    Just wondered what you people's do regards your YouTube channel during the winter months? This will be my 4th Winter on 2 wheels. In the past due to the dark mornings and dark evenings it meant that my commute has been less than sparkling. So I tend to struggle to find time to make the vlogs on...
  16. Meifesto

    Funny Riding Across Canada In Winter Part 2. (alaska To Argentina)

    All the respect to these two motor riders. Can't even think about making it, let alone actually doing it :O
  17. Shifty

    Review Rukka R-star Gloves - Review On Winter Ride Out.

    Riding for 60 miles at 60 -80 mph in 2 degrees Celsius. I thought that these gloves deserve a proper test, all I could find was dealers stood behind warm desks telling you how good the gloves are in winter??
  18. Grimfaith

    General Winter Gloves! / Lost Elderly People / Bikerxderek's Hilltop Mansion

    Took my camera along looking for some new winter gloves, saw some interesting well as visited bikerxdereks hilltop mansion. =P
  19. ArtOfRoar


    Suuuuup all, It's getting cold up my end & I'm not looking forward to having to call it a season. Even still, it seems to be about that time to start planning on winterizing my baby. I'm looking for some good tips on what I need to do. This'll be my first time winterizing & I want my girl to...
  20. HikngBiker

    General Soggy Shout Out To Burly Jack And Riot Rider

    That is winter just about started!

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