1. A

    How do you promote your videos?

    How do you guys promote your videos? I think I have pretty decent content but I just tag them & publish them. I don’t get many views.
  2. R-Rated

    Facebook And Videos

    I had someone ask why I did not just upload my videos directly to Facebook vs. having them on YouTube and posting the link on Facebook. So I began to wonder - does anyone here do that? What are the pros and cons? What is the max time a video can be in length on Facebook? Max resolution? What...
  3. R-Rated

    Apocalypse Spreads - Innocent Anti-rage Videos Are Taken Out

    So the mysterious anti-monetizing calculation seems to pick up on just words? How is an anti-road rage video a target? So, I am going to try something. What if I change the title and maybe thumbnail? Will it remain an outcast or not?
  4. 2WV

    Speeding In Videos

    I was aware of it when i was in editing but i left it but i want to know from everyone, should it of been blurred. I'm referring the intro in my last SB entry. (not linking for good reasons lol). The reason i ask is because do legal authorities really go out their way to fuck us over in vlogs...
  5. moto anzac

    Funny So I Made Two Videos

    So.. I haven't got my logo yet, nor made an intro or any of the fancy channel goodies. I'm in the process of deciding.. lol. But I have prepared 2 videos, whilst testing.. the camera(s) out.
  6. HippoDrone

    Ktm 790 Duke

    Hey all, can you please post any info you have including videos etc (if allowed) on the KTM 790 Duke in this thread as you hear it. I really really really want one if it is even 80% close to the prototype bike in the promo vids. I WANT THIS BLOOMIN BIKE!!! :D
  7. dandoolittle

    Motorcycle Maintenance Videos Are Allowed Here - But

    Motorcycle Maintenance Videos Are Allowed Here - BUT under the conditions of It's either you or someone else actually fixing or modding a bike The post with your video but also contain TEXT and write up of what the video is The video is NOT a vlog of you talking about a fix - It MUST show...
  8. dandoolittle

    Track Day Videos Are Allowed - But Read

    Videos of track days and racing ARE allowed here under the condition of The video is yours to OWN/Share - Copyrighted stuff from MotoGO is NOT allowed The video/vlog MUST actually involve being AT or ON a track Video is not a vlog of you talking about a wanting to do a track day...
  9. kryten

    Do You Post Your Videos On Reddit?

    Do any of you post your videos on Reddit? I've noticed in the motovlogging subreddit that there are lots of videos there but most have 0 comments. That could be because people are watching the videos on YouTube and commenting there so its hard to tell if those posts are actually getting any...
  10. Sailormoto

    Anyone Let Their Videos Be Used In A Compilation?

    Just had a request to use my video (when i crashed) in a compilation from a channel with 30k subs. Obviously this could bring more eyes to my videos but its also a spotlight on me being an idiot. Anyone let other people use their videos in a compilation and did it help views/subs/etc?
  11. dandoolittle

    Posted Videos Will Show In New Threads - For 2 Weeks Testing

    One thing we've always struggled with is people coming to the site, posting videos, then not coming back or interacting until they come back to post another video. One thing I did a couple of years ago to stop this happening was this rule - This brought the site from a spam den, into a...
  12. Moto Verse

    Funny Anyone Else Do Story Time Videos On Their Motorcycles?

    It's fun to remember back and telling the stories of your past. I have about 24 more stories to come, got the boring ones out of the way which explain my earlier life. Here's my high school story, just when it starts to get good.
  13. carlsant1

    General The Big Trip Videos

    Hey everyone, for those who might not have seen I have started uploading the videos from mine and Liz's big trip that we did to meet motovloggers and tour some of the country we haven't been to before. There are 3 videos up so far so I will post them below, more will be coming soon so if you...
  14. dandoolittle

    Odd Videos In Alerts

    Some like the post your video rules, some don't, I can't please everyone I'm going to be testing the ability to add promoted videos in the alerts function for well, promoted videos and maybe even competitions etc. You can still get to the alerted video thread by clicking the link underneath...
  15. SalvageSV

    What Types Of Videos Get The Most Traffic On Your Channel?

    Just curious if other channels are similar to mine. I get pretty consistent traffic on my Ride Recon (first ride) video of the Zero, but everything else is an initial spike and taper off. I get sparse hits on my maintenance videos. Everyone once in a while I'll have someone on the motovlog...
  16. RoadSprock

    Cleaning Out Old Motovlog Videos Like...

    Pro Tip: Please, please.. do not EVER do this. This video and content was done by a professional stunt-actress on a closed track kitchen using the latest safety technology.
  17. SalvageSV

    Guide Posted A Couple Of Maintenance Videos - Chain, Throttle

    Here are my recent two tutorial videos for chain and throttle adjustment. Enjoy!
  18. Motorpsych

    Motovlog Vs Maintenance And How To Videos

    Here's a question for those who create How-To videos like how to do maintenance on your bike videos, as well as motovlog. Which have you found gets more views on the long term? Do the maintenance videos in general start out slower, but overall get consistent watched? I imagine that you have a...
  19. dandoolittle

    Intros Are Allowed Here - Only Intros

    Intros Are allowed here - ONLY intros! You take the piss and it gets deleted, its as simple as that! Rules - Advice on your intros etc ARE allowed here! Intro - Advice on them are allow (being pretty clear) No more than 20 second videos Vlogs will be deleted Do NOT moan if people think its...

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