1. TGLambino

    Funny Back On The Grind


    Hello From Texas

    Hello all... I'm Damien, been riding longer than most popular motovloggers have been alive and I've been throwing around the idea of starting a channel for about a year now. If/when I do it will be pretty basic as I'm too old for loud intro music and I don't randomly scream and make noise...
  3. TGLambino

    Funny Pink Power | Motovlog #41

  4. VinCulprit

    Ello Ello From Texas

    How's it going everyone! VinCulprit here. Well like most of you I watched to many walterrific, and royal Jordanian videos and decided maybe I'll give it a go? I ride a 2009 Buell XB12Scg. With a funky joker paint job on it. Which blew out its exhaust, shattering my header....... grrrrrr. So...
  5. RiverHonda

    New Here From Texas

    Just started riding again after being off for around 2 years. My first ride was a hyosung aquila 250 which I got days after getting my license to ride. Moving to NH I left my bike back home and it sat for about a year, when I returned home fixed it up but it was never the same and it took the...
  6. TGLambino

    Hello From West Texas!

    Whats up guys! I'm The_Great_Lambino, a 20-year-old motovlogger from west Texas. I ride a 2003 V Star 1100, and I have been riding for a little over 8 months now. I record useing a Gopro hero 3+ chin mounted to my bell vortex helmet. I have nearly 20 videos out now, I post weekly, and I just...
  7. Clint Love

    General Dallas Texas Moto Meet 2016

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