1. Dragon Cru

    New to motovlogging

    I am just getting my el cheapo setup to see if I can do/like moto logging. I have the Dragontouch 4k cam with the mounts it came with. Unfortunately, it does not have a mic jack and doesn't support external mic. So for the time being, I want to get a decent lavalier mic that'll work with my...
  2. chaosnaut

    Guide DIY Camera Clamp Tutorial and Examples

    I'm away from my bike, so not technically a MotoVlog - This quick and easy camera clamp tutorial will be useful to anyone looking to change up their angles.
  3. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed Audio Improvements....

    Just a dinky motovlog for you today, I've made some changes to my audio set up, let me know in the comments on the video if you think it is an improvement or not? :-)
  4. fazer_1000

    Audio Setup - Recorder Vs. Just Mic

    I'm guessing this is something that's been debated here to the bone, but I'll ask still. When I decided I'll Vlog while riding, I set a rule that audio is paramount, and must be top quality-ish. Tried in the past to record with a lav mic to my GoPro 4 Black with no success (found out recently...
  5. Demonik

    Dealing With Plosives And The Tradeoff With Wind Noise

    A little background: My Masters was Music Technology, Innovation and Production. With that, I work in Foley and Sound Design for Hollywood and video games. I'm not new to mics and working with costuming on and off set, so I'd like to get the most desirable voice quality for youtube viewers that...
  6. RiderInRed

    Dual Cam Setup Ideas?

    Well, a very good friend of mine told me she's getting me an action camera for my birthday. I'm wondering what are some good ideas for the dual cam setup? I'll be using my current one too, and the best one out of the two is going on my helmet. Where should the other go? I know you could do one...
  7. AmpdMoto

    General Camera Changes

  8. RiderInRed

    Whats Your Headset/audio Setup For Music/calls?

    Just wondering what you guys are rocking on the side of your helmets? Do any of you even own bluetooth helmets (no 3rd party BT mod)?
  9. UrbanRidin

    My Gopro And Sena Setup

  10. 3

    Help With Budget Minded Setup

    Hey everyone, new here and looking to get myself set up with an action cam by the end of the week. I'm not necessarily going to motovlog, but want to video my motorcycle rides. With that said, I don't need the best or most expensive setup, just something decent. I've seen a bunch of those 4k...
  11. JoshAFJ

    Guide My Chin Mount Setup

    Probably nothing new to you gents, but I figured I would ad least do my version of how my helmet camera is set up!
  12. C

    Mic Setup & Editing Software

    Hi all, just need abit of advice on how to create a decent quality and reliable mic setup. I'm new to this but my current set up is as follows: Drift Stealth 2 camera Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet I think I'm going to have to have an external mic system which won't like into the camera, but can...
  13. SHDXB7

    Gopro Helmet And Mic Setup Easy Guide

    Gopro Helmet and Mic Setup easy Guide For beginner motovloggers. I will be posting motovlogs based on providing cost and vlogging effective methods to make motovlogging more fun :)
  14. Reize

    Guide How I Setup My Motovlogging Gear

    This was really by request by one of my viewers, but I think it may give some of you guys ideas as well.
  15. lupin

    General My Motovlog Setup

    The proverbial my gear video.
  16. fb3333

    Sena Setup Question.

    I'm using a Sena 10U Arai with the handlebar remote and the Sena bluetooth audio pack. I can set up the intercom with no issues, but how on earth do I swap between intercom and phone whilst still on the move? The user manual either doesn't state how to do it, or I'm just plain confused!
  17. Dark Rider

    General My Motovlogging Camera And Mic Setup

    This video was requested by a subscriber and since I had just recently changed my whole setup I thought now would be a good time to make the video. Check it out!
  18. SwissMotard

    Guide Perfect Motovlogging Setup I put together a quick video about my setup that allows me to record engine audio and speech, along with multiple synchronised cameras and 4 hours of waterproof riding.
  19. motolover

    Getting Schubert E1 Flip Up Helmet, What Setup For A Gopro Do You Suggest?

    Unfortunately, I am not able to add a photo of it, I do not have enough posts.
  20. Sidewinder

    Let's See Your Setup!

    Let's see your vloggers setup, Camera, Microphone, mounting hardware, location on helmet, and helmet. I will start here is mine. I have a Gopro Hero 3 White. I use a Vivitar Lavalier wired mic. I use the Gopro helmet mount. The helmet is a Bilt Mod Techno bluetooth helmet.

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