1. Saythejay

    NEW YOUTUBER saythejay

    Hey what’s going on everyone! Not sure how this works but I’d like to link with more motovloggers in the community. I post a decent amount of videos on a bunch of different bikes so if you’d like to see some terrible wheelies and corny jokes then I have the channel for you. Saythejay on YouTube...
  2. MotoAdventureMe

    General Riding My Buddy's Bikes

  3. R-Rated

    The Spirit Of Riding Caught On Camera.

    Very rare to catch the scene like this on camera. I think it captured what riding does for one's spirit. I did not edit the shot in any way. This is just a screen grab from my camera this morning on the way to work.
  4. AmpdMoto

    General Solo Vs Group Riding

    Which do you prefer and why? Do you know the hand signals?
  5. R-Rated

    Serious Group Riding Bad Habits

    My small herd passed this bigger herd. Some folks need to be more mindful while riding. I would rather someone lag little behind than ride too close like some of these riders. Also, the center line is not a suggestion.
  6. Sharktank

    Different Angles While Riding

    Is it as simple (an potentially dangerous) as holding a camera while riding? Or do you have multiple cameras? One of my favorite channels is Adam Sandoval Rides. He frequently has shots of the landscape as he's riding by, but from the side. I can't imagine whipping out a camera or my phone and...
  7. R-Rated

    Rant I Have Been Riding My Bikes Wrong?

    I edited this out of the video but the person that told me a group of riders and myself were riding our bikes not like they were designed is the sales manager of a local Harley-Davidson dealership... What do you folks think?
  8. CodeNameAB

    Music A Year Of Riding My S1000rr In Europe

    It has been a bit more than year since I bought this amazing piece of art and I wanted to make a video to show some of the best moments spent together and here is that video. I know I am a little late but better late than never right :D I cant say how grateful I am for this bike for being such a...
  9. Frankie J

    My 2nd Post! Hello Everybody =)

    Hi! My name is Andrew and I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 9; I'm almost 22 now and am still going strong! I decided to join this forum in order to become a part of an online community I guess that shares topics with something I love, can't wait to start interacting with everyone!
  10. CodeNameAB

    General Riding With My Brother [part 2] | Re Thunderbird 350 | Hd Street 750 | India

    After two years I rode alongside my brother for a very short ride on the day I had to fly back to Belgium. It was reminiscent of so many of our rides back in the days. Riding cruisers was also a nice change from my usual riding style. Hope the enfield exhaust note didnt break anything and you...
  11. CodeNameAB

    General Riding With My Brother [part 1] | Harley Davidson Street 750 | Vlog + Pure Exhaust Note | India

    So a sportbiker rides a harley hehe It was just a short ride with my brother in India before flying back to Belgium. I blab about a lot of stuff and you also get some decent exhaust note to listen to. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Rath Rides

    General Riding In A Derby Vlog

    Hey all, figured I'd toss this up. Rode in a somewhat local Derby and vlogged during it a bit.
  13. Sportster

    General My First Month Owning/ Riding A Motorcycle

    Hey Guys! Some of yall seasoned riders may not relate to this video, but when I was in the process of buying my first sportster, motovlogs were a huge resource for information. I got to hear about what it was to ride from someone who was passionate about it. I wanted to talk about what's it...
  14. TaDydrift

    Hi From The French Ride In Thailand!!!

    HI, My Name Is Tanguy but my friends call me TaDy ( nickname since i race karts ) So i am Half French/Thai, I spent most of my time in France but now i am in Thailand for about 6 years. And i ride my first Bike with is a 2012 Ninja 250 SE it,s been 4 - 5 years that own and ride it now, inluding...
  15. Flyboy

    Snow Riding Fun!! My First Ride

    This was my first ride on my new KTM EXC.
  16. Flyboy

    Winter Riding Tricks

    Here's a little something I learned over the years. Hopefully it can help a few of you snowbound riders.
  17. burlyjack

    General Do I Ever Get Tired Of Riding?

    I often get asked if I ever get tired of riding or why I enjoy it so much, considering I ride to work almost every day. Do I get tired of commiting? Yes. Do I get tired of cruisin?...... Nah!
  18. Scootnfool

    General Riding In The Cold

    Riding a motorbike in the winter may seem crazy, until you realize, people ride snowmobiles, so what's the big deal? A cold commute, and some thoughts about tires, winter riding safety, and being kind to others.
  19. Zedhead

    What Have You Done To Your Bike Today?

    Hi people as the title says, this is a thread for you to tell the forum what you have done to your bike today. Whether it was nothing, cleaned it, replaced the tyres, thrashed it to within an inch of its life, sat in the garage touching it inappropriately, whatever it was let us know. Cheers Zed.
  20. CodeNameAB

    General The Alpine Odyssey : Day 3 [part 3] - Night Riding On Dolomites!

    Its a bit long, I know, but in the future whenever I want to relive the ride, I will come back to these videos and not hours and GBs of raw footage from GoPro so I didnt want to skip any of the good bits. Please feel free to skip ahead if you are bored at any moment (I hope not :)). Using right...
  21. Scootnfool

    Guide Beginner Riding Tips #2 - Cornering And You!

    Taking corners can be a scary prospect for new motorcyclists, and it is an important skill. Watch my newest motovlog here.
  22. BlackMamba

    General Riding A Motobike Up The Steepest Road In England!

    Riding a motobike up the steepest road in England!
  23. CodeNameAB

    General Riding Through Belgian Ardennes Onboard S1000rr Feat. Zoom H1

    This was the sole purpose of buying a Zoom H1 audio recorder for me and I am happy with the outcome. Hope you enjoy!
  24. CodeNameAB

    General Riding On Grossglockner!

    Story from Day 3. Here it is, the most famous road in Austria! You can see why its so famous! I have done some experimental editing on this video, hope you enjoy :D Anyone wants to guess the suspense in the end?
  25. R

    New Vlogger Riding In Oregon Usa

    Howdy! Im Redbeardsv. Ive been riding for the last 3 or 4 years, but just recently started motovlogging. I enjoy traveling and riding with friends. You wont see me doing a wheelie down the freeway at a buck forty, but youll get some good ole westcoast scenery, and interesting videos. I try...
  26. JoshAFJ

    General Riding My Favorite Route

    Hello all! I recently got into motovlogging and it took a few videos before I came out of my shell. I feel like I was a little awkward at first. This 2 part video was probably the first videos where I felt totally natural with vlogging. In these videos I run the route that pretty much taught me...
  27. Shifty

    General Lovely Wiltshire Uk Riding

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