1. Saythejay

    NEW YOUTUBER saythejay

    Hey what’s going on everyone! Not sure how this works but I’d like to link with more motovloggers in the community. I post a decent amount of videos on a bunch of different bikes so if you’d like to see some terrible wheelies and corny jokes then I have the channel for you. Saythejay on YouTube...
  2. D

    Thank you thank you

    Wow , so I just wanted to pop on here and explain how I found this site. For the last 4 years I have been living in Hollywood I did a masters at film school and have just moved home to SYDNEY Australia over some VISA issues . Very sad yes I know but I managed to score a documentary job in...
  3. Elke0602

    New On The Belgian Motovlogging-market!

    Hi friends! Just a few days ago I posted my very first motovlog. I started doing this because my girlfriend got me a GoPro Hero Session. I enjoy every ride and I wanted to share them with the world! About myself: I'm a 24 y/o girl living in the North-Brussels region in Belgium. Since march...
  4. moto anzac

    Youtube Noob Questions

    Hey guys! Had a few questions regarding YouTube content, stuff that doesn't seem to be quite clear unless you read through 156 pages of terms & conditions. What happens if someone uses my content in a compilation video? What happens if I use another's content in my own compilation video? What...
  5. moto anzac

    Need To Know For Beginners

    So most of you probably clicked this thread to see the list but actually, this is more of a question. I noticed on our forum here we don't seem to have a beginner's guide. Every topic has probably been discussed but I've blown hours on reading and almost getting no where, so let's turn my...
  6. Spudnik

    Featured Channels...?

    Hey, As you might know I am new to the Youtube. What does the featured channel list on your channel do and what is the etiquette around it? For example if I featured a very popular and big channel what happens? Do they know about it? Are there benefits? Do I just use this function to...
  7. JoshAFJ

    Rant Yammie Noob Causes Wreck, Asks Subs For Money And Then Mocks The Situation

    WARNING This video has some strong language lol So we all know Yammie Noob got in yet another accident. It sucks and I feel for the guy. I was honestly not a fan of all the people that were coming out giving him shit and saying they wished he was hurt more, or even worse, died in the...
  8. J-R0j0!

    Motovlog Noob

    hey guys. Been riding for about 5+ years now. I want to be able to video my adventures. I have no idea where to start. I have a 2015 Harley Street 750, no aftermarket yet. Looking to put a forward facing and rider facing camera, also a mic (just a phone holder right now on the handlebars). What...
  9. Abay

    Greetings From Southeast Asia!

    Hello everyone, My name is Abay. Im a noob rider from Indonesia, currently riding and loving my yamaha MT25 a lot! I've been riding for +/- 6 years now, but mostly on scooter, mopeds, and standard 150cc. I've started riding 250cc about 4 months ago and it opens a whole new perspective of riding...
  10. MrTsizzlade

    New Old Vlogger

    Hey guys! It's been a minute, and I had to take a break from vlogging for various reasons, but I'm back so whether you've watched before or never heard of me, come check out the channel and leave some feedback! MrTsizzlade
  11. jthomas

    Rant Squids And Noob Riders

    Rambling about Squids and Noob Riders
  12. jthomas

    General New Riders

    Been a lot of new riders popping up in the area.
  13. R

    Noob On The Lose! Advice Needed

    Hi guys! Shout out from Oklahoma City! New to the motovlog scene. Before we get too deep into this let me apologize for my phone it's new to me and I'm not used to the autocorrect and keyboard setup. so there's bound to be typos and such! Now that that's out of the way let's get started! First...
  14. Chandrajit

    Serious A Noob's 200 Cc To 17800 Ft Across Himalayas | India's Highest Lake

    Hello everyone, I have been a Travel Blogger @ and now, I finally got the opportunity to venture into MotoVlogging. Yes, I am a noob motorcyclist and I dared to take this ride to know my limits and abilities. So, I took a street motorcycle, a 200 cc Bajaj Pulsar at an...
  15. chongolio

    Aloha From The Garden Isle

    I just joined so I am doing what every good noob forum joiner should do by saying howdy and introducing myself. I have been riding a 2015 Yamaha SR400 around Kauai, Hawaii for the past year and loving it. A camera is coming at the end of 2016 or start of 2017. Waiting to have my bike totally...
  16. MotoTux

    Mototux Here

    Hey everyone! I'm a brand new rookie and I'm trying to learn the craft. I've released half a dozen video's so far. I have foot surgery on Monday, which may end my riding season early but I hope to continue to motovlog through the Utah winter. I've got 3 weekly video's recorded and edited in...
  17. 87SWOO

    Hey Guys Noob Alert

    Hi I'm Zach, nice to meet you all. I'm actually new to riding. I have roughly 700+m to my name and love every inch. Without re writing everything in my bio I do have one word of warning, be vigilant out there guys you never know what might happen. Funny story now, on my first ride. Other than...
  18. Jay Moto

    Noob Rider In Washington State

    Hello every one! I am a brand new rider in WA. I looking to see if there are any other riders around to meet with and learn from? Let me know
  19. whingnut

    Noob In From Norfolk Va!

    Hello community! I'm Whingnut or Zach, I'm a squid (Sailor) from rural AL / TN currently stationed in Norfolk Va! I ride and film then curse at my pc until I have something to put online :-) My steel horse is Dacey a 2011 Triumph Rocket 3 Touring. Pics to follow......
  20. motolimey

    Greetings - Noob Vlogger And I Dont Taste Of Lime

    Hello all, Expat Englishman, used to be an avid biker, london commuter, eurotouters and occasional track days until I moved to the USA in 2008... havent ridden since. (it's a long torrid story of moving around with work, divorces, drunken debauchery and hiding from invading space monkeys)...
  21. IronicRbnd

    Funny Noob Fail, Smh

  22. RangerRide

    Funny Tell Me Im Not The Only One To Do This

    i tried to control it whoops 0-0 lucky i bailed on it rookie mistake
  23. Aleks

    I Am A New Biker, What Is Some Good Advice For Me?

    So I am 16 and I am currently on a moped, I have only been riding for 7 months so I am obviously very inexperienced. I am just wondering if I could get some advice on anything that would help me out please? Safety tips, gear/bike essentials, etc. and I am very interested what everybody has to...

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