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  1. redkaw

    New Here, New Vlogger

    hey everyone, i was recommended that I join this forum. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I'm from huntsville, al. if anyone is close by id love to meet up for a ride out
  2. MotoMatt86

    New Guy, New Vlogger

    Hello everyone and welcome to the chan.... Just kidding. My name is Matt, and I ride a 2013 Yamaha FZ8. I just started a YouTube channel. I'm planning on doing some vlogging as well as automotive content, dash cam, and other stuff. Really just doing it for fun and hopefully it will grow...
  3. Hollow

    New Vlogger From Fl

    Hey guys, New to this site and new to motovlogging, looking to get some constructive criticism of my channel/content. Thanks in advance!
  4. MotoNonyms

    New Vlogger From Ontario Canada

    Hey guys/Gals!!! I am new vlogger from sudbury ontario canada. i have been riding since 2015. started on a honda shadow , now i have a kawi zx7r. currently its still cold and lots of snow here. but i am getting the bike ready for the season. i also have a youtube channel,twitter, and...
  5. CPRides

    New Vlogger

    What's up everyone I am 11 videos in to motovlogging. I ride a 2015 Aprilia Caponord 1200 and I currently live in San Diego CA. If you get a chance check out my channel on YouTube/CPRides and on Instagram @CP_Rides
  6. C

    Mic Options? New Vlogger

    Afternoon all. I got myself a Drift Stealth and quickly noticed there is no mic :-( Any cheap options for mics i can use? Ive no worries matching up audio to picture etc but any tips on easy making would be brilliant Thanks
  7. 8BitRider

    Brand New Vlogger From Southern Maine Usa!

    Whats up guys, just here to introduce myself. Im a new vlogger who's been at it for about a month now. Im still getting use too editing/content for my videos and my own style, but im enjoying it! You guys are more than welcome to check me out on facebook, i am also welcome to any critizism you...
  8. WafflesTV

    New Vlogger In Mississippi

    Hey guys my YouTube is TheseWafflesTV. I'm also looking for some new friends to ride with in or close to Mississippi because I'm alone lol.
  9. Moto Verse

    New Vlogger Here. Just Saying Hello, For Now.

    Hello everyone, I just started motovlogging this year, I got my first bike, at age 29.(I'm 30 now) I've wanted one since i can last remember but I haven't had the luckiest time these past 20~ years. I got myself a Ninja 300 to start with as soon as it was within the budget. When I started...
  10. Deanos

    New Vlogger From Johannesburg, South Africa

    Howdy all! I'm Deanos, from Johannesburg South Africa. I haven't been Vlogging for too long, but do have a few vids up on my channel plus a few other things you might find interesting. I first rode a motor bike when I was around 4 or 5 and been riding bikes ever since! I currently ride a 2012...
  11. Skarcrow

    New Vlogger From Alabama

    Hi, I'm Skarcrow and i'm new to vlogging, i actually got turned on to this site by MattW. I live in Birmingham, AL and figured i'd introduce myself and say i hope to gain a lot of insight on making a good motovlog. thank you all for this site and keep the rubber side down
  12. JoshMoto

    General First Motovlog (cbr500r)

    This is my very first motovlog, and I was wanting to get feedback (good or bad). Basically this video is an introduction and lays the foundation for the upcoming content.
  13. Highballer

    Trying This Out

    Hey, Just thought I'd try this site out since i just got into motovloging. I'm in Vancouver BC Canada and i ride a 2014 Victory highball that I've had for 6 months. I also decided to get a GoPro and throw together some videos while riding since i could always use another reason to go for a ride...

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