1. A

    Hey Everyone!! I'm Adamandrews97 It's Nice To Meet You All

    Hey fellow vloggers! My name is Adam Andrews and I just recently started my own vlogging channel. It's not 100% moto vlogs because I have a pretty interesting life and post about that too but I love riding like all of you and I also love making YouTube videos of me while riding. The majority of...
  2. Frankie J

    My 2nd Post! Hello Everybody =)

    Hi! My name is Andrew and I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 9; I'm almost 22 now and am still going strong! I decided to join this forum in order to become a part of an online community I guess that shares topics with something I love, can't wait to start interacting with everyone!
  3. B-L-Biker

    Hello, I'm New :-)

    Well hello! I'm just starting out in this vlogging lark after years of watcher of various vloggers and if I'm honest they're probably the reason I ride! last year I had a Drift 720 cam and took it on a tour of Europe with my girlfriend. No external mike so no vlogging unfortunately. Made a...
  4. Spudnik

    Featured Channels...?

    Hey, As you might know I am new to the Youtube. What does the featured channel list on your channel do and what is the etiquette around it? For example if I featured a very popular and big channel what happens? Do they know about it? Are there benefits? Do I just use this function to...

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