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  1. SalvageSV

    How To - Color Grade Gopro Protune Footage In Premiere Pro Cc15

    Based on the response from my color grading comparison thread, I decided to do a tutorial thread. In this tutorial we are using Adobe Premiere Pro CC2015 and the Lumetri Tools pluging that comes bundled with the software. To begin, I've created a new project and brought in some GoPro Protune...
  2. kawiMoto

    General How To Eat A Toblerone Bar

    here is my latest vlog if you watch it can you please give me some feed back and it will be massivly appreciated but take it easy I'm still pretty new to this :p

    Funny How To Ride A Totaled Motorcycle | Ridingwithtom

    So most know I crashed a while back on my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650. What you may not know is that she had one last ride while totaled. In order to move the bike from the crash site to the location for the tow truck RidingWithTom so graciously offered to ride her. I had one of my gopro's still...
  4. CanuckMVs

    How To Get Your Channel Noticed On Youtube

    Hello all, i am just starting out on youtube and have uploaded a number of videos in the past couple of days and i am wondering how i should promote my channel to get it noticed. i enjoy producing videos and motovlogging and i would just like to start to get a small following. i have five...
  5. Dark Rider

    [how To] Third Person Camera Rig (cheap)

    Hey guys! So heres a quick video of my work in progress 3rd person camera rig. I still need to sort out a lot of issues with it but so far its working pretty well I think! Let me know your thoughts :)
  6. MotoJam

    Funny How To Deal With Sneaky Cops With Speed Cameras

    Hi guys, Heres a short clip of how to avoid getting bent over and shafted by a cop whilst hooning it down a twisty ;)
  7. Motorpsych

    Motovlog Vs Maintenance And How To Videos

    Here's a question for those who create How-To videos like how to do maintenance on your bike videos, as well as motovlog. Which have you found gets more views on the long term? Do the maintenance videos in general start out slower, but overall get consistent watched? I imagine that you have a...
  8. Mosin636

    How Did You Learn How To Edit??? (hopefully Not A Repeat)

    I use Sony Vegas Pro just wondering how others learned to use some of the more in depth programs. I am pretty tech savy but have trouble in areas like pop up pictures such as meme/troll faces and things. I also want to learn useful tips I cant even think of or think to look for. So how did you...
  9. ArtOfRoar


    Suuuuup all, It's getting cold up my end & I'm not looking forward to having to call it a season. Even still, it seems to be about that time to start planning on winterizing my baby. I'm looking for some good tips on what I need to do. This'll be my first time winterizing & I want my girl to...

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