1. Thedc92

    Hello From Eastern Tennessee

    Hey all,nice to meet everyone. I've been watching moto-vlogs for over a year and enjoy watching. I'm predominantly a dual sporter (with ADV aspirations :p),but wind up riding mostly on roads despite preferring dirt. I thought that since I enjoy watching them,I might also enjoy making my own. I'm...
  2. DudaGsxr

    Hello My Name It S Dudagsxr...

    Thank you for accepting me on this forum. Im from Portugal/Lisbon and you can find me on Youtube as DudaGsxr and I have several themes in the world of 2 wheels. Subscribe ;) Peace
  3. TeapotOne

    Hello From Teapotone

    Hello folks, only just found this site so thought I'd say hi. I'm a Scottish lad living and working in England who, like most of you I bet, pretty much lives to ride bikes. I've got a battered 2011 Suzuki GSX-R1000 with 102,000 miles on the clock after I rode it around the world from 2012 to...
  4. Piyush


    I live in India. i am a vlogger. (Indian youtuber)
  5. L

    Hello My Name Is Loki (lokiridez)...hello Loki...haha

    I'm just getting started in the MotoVlog game, and not quite functional yet. None the less I am here. I have some (I feel) very interesting ideas that (I also feel) are very original. I'll upday the forum on some of my antics as they happen (in the appropriate area of the forum of course). Let's...
  6. Shifty

    I’m Back! Regained My Mojo

    would just like to give a big hi five to my fellow bloggers. Had a break from vlogging. But now I’m back at it!!
  7. Sharktank

    Hello From Tampa, Fl

    Just found out about the site and well here I am. Been riding pretty much my whole life and never once considered the idea of strapping a camera to my head and recording until recently. Had no idea this was even a thing. Anyway, just getting started and really on my own in this. We moved to FL...
  8. 2WV

    Say Hello To Winston!

    I don't usually name my bikes, in fact this is the first bike i've ever named and i didn't even name it. But allow me to introduce you to Winston... I have to say, the lights are growing on me massively.. I have seen the dual round light conversion on youtube which also look really good...
  9. P

    Hello From Austin Texas!

    I'm new to this motovlogging thing. I'm trying to put my setup together, and I am almost there. I have an Yamaha FJR1300, and a Sony FDR-X3000. Sony makes a great camera, they just need to fire the guy that came up with the name of it. What the hell where they thinking when they came up with...
  10. Joey Repo

    Hello Everyone

    what's going on everyone. I'm new to the forum and a motovlogger from the Kansas area.
  11. Cookakakos

    New Motovlogger From Greece

    Hi guys, this is CookosRider from Greece. I setup my YouTube channel and I am motovlogging for the past 3 years now, but I got into voice commenting on my videos since last month. I currently ride a black Kawasaki Versys 650cc and I use two action cams for my videos, a Sony AS200V and an old...
  12. J

    Hello There

    hello buddys im new to this forum
  13. M

    Hello From Los Angeles!

    I recently started a local Meetup group for beginner motorcycle riders and post ride recap videos as a fun bonus for the riders that RSVP'd. Figured it would be fun to share the videos with others that also love to record and edit their ride videos! We ride the Malibu canyons mostly, but...
  14. RoBiker

    Hello People!

    So glad I found this forum! I'm quite a new rider from Romania. I've started a new youtube channel, with a little bit different kind of motovlog. Basically sharing the experience on the most beautiful roads of my country. I would like to ask for your feedback : Do you think this kind of...
  15. shift_love

    Shift_love - Hello From Texas!

    hows it going! glad to find a community of vloggers for me to get advice on videos, tips and everything else. I have lots of bikes, so i have tons of opportunities to do several different kinds of videos. currently shooting with gopro 4 and using a vivitar mic setup. so without further ado...
  16. voodoo

    Hello From Sunny Scotland

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting started in the world of Motovlogging, been an avid watcher of some vloggers for ages now and finally got a GoPro Hero Session 4 to see if I want to start doing this (I have already found it's hard to speak to the camera and be heard over my exhaust. I've got a...
  17. DLSGAP

    Hello From Texas

    Hello all... I'm Damien, been riding longer than most popular motovloggers have been alive and I've been throwing around the idea of starting a channel for about a year now. If/when I do it will be pretty basic as I'm too old for loud intro music and I don't randomly scream and make noise...
  18. Bruiser5K

    Hello Everyone!

    Ok, to start off I hope I don't get in trouble for re-introducing myself, but I think it's been long enough before I did the first time. My names Austin, aka Bruiser5K on the forums (wish I could change my username). I am from a tiny little town in southern Arizona, but I am currently...
  19. cakcibor

    Hello From Malaysia

    Hello guys, Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The name is cakcibor. Just got my GoPro Hero 5 few months back. Tried few viewing angles before I started creating my Youtube channel. Influenced by watching famous motovloggers like walterrific, motonosity, royal jornadian etc. This will be my...
  20. Aldiofano

    Hello From Maasmotovlog ( Indonesia )

    Hey Guys, My name Is M.A.Aldiofano.S, I'm From Indonesia, And Maybe Some Of You Guys Know Den Dimas, He did motovlog too and He Also joined this Forum, He is the reason why am I started my motovlog channel, He is my inspiration. I Ride 2013 Honda CB150R, I Modified it a little bit, like...
  21. Yamalash

    Hellooooooooo From Chicago!

    Hello hello helloOOoOOOooOo! First of all I want to say thank you for all the helpful threads on here for how to get started motovlogging. Just a very short background on me- I was born in Chicago, moved to Colorado last year and started riding an R6. Rode for a few months and crashed on the...
  22. 2WL

    Hello From Bath Uk!

    Hello! If you ride out around bath or bristol you may see me! GSR750 with blue textiles or RST full leathers :) youtube channel is 2 Wheeled life and our Instagram is 2_Wheeled_Life_ Say hi!!!
  23. North Wolf

    Hello From Maine

    Hello, My online name is “North Wolf” or “Mr.Wolf”, which comes from my Real last name and my current location (In the “North” of the USA). I am currently in my mid 30’s and work for the University of Maine in Orono. I have been taking college classes where I work, but although I have a great...
  24. thrttlsnap

    Hello From Kent Uk

    Hi everyone, Thought i'd create an account here after a bit of lurking - mostly been videoing trackdays up until now but thought it's finally time to invest in some equipment and record some more of my travels! :)
  25. amGuiomar

    Hello From Rural Central Portugal

    My youtube channel is called «a moto Guiomar». Guiomar is a all-round bike. Small, light and humble. She's green and her name was given my her godmother Blue. This profile is not about motorcycles, equipment and small stuff. Its about the journeys we do within ourselves when we're on our bikes...
  26. A-Sport95

    Hello From New York

    Hi My name is Alex and i am riding a Yamaha R6, I am from Dominican Republic but I moved to New York, I live 10 min away from Bear Mountain State Park and 59 min from NYC...
  27. R

    Hello From Nepal

    Hello, i am new moto vlogger from NEPAL I am always camera shy person.
  28. x-sbk


    Hello, Just dropped in to say Hi, From Ontario Canada. Mostly been doing some track day videos, But not your regullar type, trying to do it with a comic twist. Learning the Video capture and editing world. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks,
  29. UFGatorsDM

    Hello All From Missouri

    i am planning on starting up a motovlog, bike is currently in the garage for repairs but I hope to have it road ready within the next week or so. Has anyone else noticed Kawasaki doesn't build them like they use to? Then again who does? It's been parked for a while now and parts finally...
  30. Gryphon

    Hello From Michigan

    Hey there, Just wanted to say Hi and pick some brains here about vlogging.

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