1. Phaedrus

    Feedback Needed My First Attempt At Editing Something...

    Not looking for subscriptions - just giving an idea some air time... I'm not overly keen to follow norms or formulas. :)
  2. fazer_1000

    Feedback Needed My First Vlog.

    Well, it's kinda the second one on my channel, but this one is more of how I'd like to see my Vlogs going and a bit more interesting (though you're more than invited to check out my channel, see the rest and what's coming in the future). Interested in hearing what you guys think. In a way, it's...
  3. redkaw

    General First Bike? New Intro?

  4. WingManGT

    Review I Did My First Review, Any Feedback Will Be Appreciated

    I finally got around to doing my first review. I've had my helmet for two years now, so i thought it was about time to do a long term review :). Any feedback will be appreciated.
  5. Lazyman

    My First Motovlog In A While...

    Was planning on posting some test videos of the Sena Tube but this happened while my wife, myself, and one of my friends went on a ride. The ride ended about 5 minutes in when Beth ,my wife, braked hard for a yellow light and JV locked his brakes up and rear ended her. So, that's my new video lol
  6. EDcase

    General First Yt Payment :d

    With just over 280k views on my channel I passed the earning threshold get my first payment from YouTube. Grand total of £60 which I'm certainly not complaining about. Started the channel in 2006 and the most viewed video by far (which earned the majority) is not bike related at all. ...So if...
  7. Superballs

    General My First Real Motovlog

    Well, apparently my first draft didn't make it. This is my first real motovlog, and I know I'm talking about a dead-horse topic but I am just starting out and trying to get better at actually talking to myself. I had a really long intro description saved oh...wait...sweet... I had it all...
  8. JBH

    Feedback Needed My First Daily Observations Vlog

    This is my first try at the popular format that is Daily Observations. Tell me what you think please!
  9. RiderInRed

    How Long Till Your First 1000 Followers?

    Be that on FB or youtube? How long didi t take you to get your first 200 likes, then 500, then 1000? I'm very curious if I'm doing it right or wrong and I don't have any metric to compare to. Also, I've always found first few hundrends/thousands the most difficult to get. I'm mainly working...
  10. WingManGT

    First Video Is Out, Any Feedback Will Be Apreciated

    Hi guys, I finaly managed to make a decent quality video (in terms of sound and video) and I would apreciate if you can give me some feedback so I can improve my content. So here it goes guys, this is my first attempt, I was nervous as hell and need to relax a bit more :). p.s. If it is not...
  11. Dark Rider

    Music First Time Knee Down On The Road! :d

    I finally managed to get my knee down on my favorite stretch of road in Cape Town. Felt amazing. I managed to do it 3 times after that as well! I feel like I have finally "Got it" if that makes sense.
  12. R-Rated

    Trash Canned My First Troll Today!

    I had recently been thinking about letting my viewers comments post with no moderation. I am glad I did not do that because one comment terms took exception with me shooting a bike review while still recovering from sinuses and migraines in 30F weather. Deleting that comment knowing it never...
  13. CodeNameAB

    General My First Dutch Vlog [english Subtitles]

    I try talking in Dutch for the first time! I know, I should be speaking Dutch better after staying here for two years but in my defence, I dont have to use it much as majority of them speak English here. And I did get 47/50 in theory exam in Dutch ;) so after that I kind of lost motivation to...
  14. Brothebear

    Soon Meet Up In Sparta Wisconsin Just For The Ride

    There will be a meet up in Sparta Wisconsin for the ride and the chance to motovlogge with others. Have fun ride talk and just be free
  15. CodeNameAB

    General Z800 First Ride | Filtering Fun In India

    I came to India for a couple of weeks and my friend was kind enough to let me ride his Kawasaki Z800. It was supposed to be a short ride for me but I felt so much at home on the Z that I ended up riding all the way while also scaring him as a pillion! :D Riding in India can be chaotic but there...
  16. Brapbarian

    2017 My First Real Attempt At Creating Content

    I have had my youtube account for awhile but this is the year I start to really upload on a regular schedule. Looking at uploading at least 2 vids a week. My question for you that have been doing it awhile at what point does it stop being a hobby for you. I think my biggest problem is thinking...
  17. AmpdMoto

    General First Test With Sena Gopro Backpack

    Random vlog to test the new setup.
  18. IronHorse

    Funny My First Crash Video

    Luckily it was nothing more than just a small spill, but I was undeniably disappointed in myself for this one. On the plus side, I got it on film, lol. The fumble is around 1:15 if anyone wants to skip my rambling and pathetic wheelies. Anybody else have some funny stories or videos of them...
  19. JBH

    General First Groupride + Encounter With The Police

    Join me on what was my very first groupride! And we immediately got acquainted with the local Police :D
  20. Sportster

    General My First Month Owning/ Riding A Motorcycle

    Hey Guys! Some of yall seasoned riders may not relate to this video, but when I was in the process of buying my first sportster, motovlogs were a huge resource for information. I got to hear about what it was to ride from someone who was passionate about it. I wanted to talk about what's it...
  21. CodeNameAB

    Review 2016 Bmw R1200r : First Impressions

    A street bike with BMW's proven liquid cooled boxer twin engine with loads of electronics and a shaft drive as well. It seemed to be a capable all rounder in my opinion. It was just a half an hour test ride anyway as one cannot get a longer slot on the open day. I might've focused a bit too...
  22. Sportster

    Posted My First Motovlog, Got 500 Views, Is This Normal??

    Hey guys, I am new to motovlogging and riding in general. I posted my first video this week, got 500 views, I posted my second video yesterday and have 180 views so far. 25 Subs. Is this volume normal? or sub par? My goal is to retain those visitors and build a small community of people...
  23. Flyboy

    Snow Riding Fun!! My First Ride

    This was my first ride on my new KTM EXC.
  24. LaneSplitr

    Review My First First Ride - Yamaha Fz-10

    What a great bike.
  25. Dark Rider

    My First Ride With An Mc

    So got to go on a ride with a local MC here in Cape Town, South Africa. Was a nice vibe and friendly people. Not one of the hard core MC's but more like a group of friends that get together and talk sh!t about bikes, have some good food and drink and listen to music into the night :) Enjoy.
  26. CodeNameAB

    General First Gear Challenge | Bmw S1000rr

    How fast does the S1000RR go in first gear? Here is your answer! PS : This was the first time I recorded, edited and uploaded the video on the same day! :D
  27. Phaedrus

    Camera & Comms Set-up - Noob's First Stab

    Hi. This is what I have in mind for a video-recording set-up on my bike. I'm not initially intending to vlog or publish - I just want to record video & voice audio on some of my rides for now. I want an integrated system for all my comms & video stuff, preferably all controlled from a hub of...
  28. ScootWook

    Serious My First Real Instructional Video

    For my beginner friends I was there once too, this is how I give back! Take a look and let me know what you think of my new mini-series! This is a new venture for me, feedback would be helpful!
  29. Captain

    General New Bike First Ride - R1

    First ride of my Yamaha R1. Only a short ride I'm afraid, just until I get to grips with it.
  30. AdoboMoto

    General First Video Post! Check Me Out! Budget Boots Review!

    hey guys...i think i followed the rules correctly. please let me know otherwise! this is my first post..only have 3 videos to my belt..but let me know what you guys think! did a review of a couple of budget boots...

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