1. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed The Challenge Accepted Motovlog Community Post

    @Adam_wmv runs a Facebook page called "Challenge Accepted (Motovlog)" https://www.facebook.com/groups/597740790602784/ I really like the idea of it and have enjoyed making videos on the challenges that have been posted on there. So with that in mind, I propose we do a similar thing on here...
  2. R-Rated

    Facebook And Videos

    I had someone ask why I did not just upload my videos directly to Facebook vs. having them on YouTube and posting the link on Facebook. So I began to wonder - does anyone here do that? What are the pros and cons? What is the max time a video can be in length on Facebook? Max resolution? What...
  3. CJs

    I Need Somewhere To Sell My Stickers

    G'day I want to get some stickers made up for my viewers and I don't know where to sell them I thought of eBay but they have a fee, Facebook don't really want to go there, but Facebook will be the last option if I can't think of anything else. Thanks, CJ
  4. NS.YT

    Rant Facebook Is Full Of Ignorant Morons...

    Leave it to Facebook warriors to turn a mass murder into their own circle jerk...
  5. NS.YT

    Rant F*ck Facebook Motorcycle Groups

    Here's a bit of advice for those who are looking for join a bike specific Facebook group.
  6. Sailormoto

    Rant Quitting Social Media

    I quit facebook so i thought id rant about why!

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