1. Naked Dave

    Serious Mate Crashed So I Let Him Ride My Bike Home

    @Viper1350 finally uploaded the video of last year's crash on his KTM Duke 390 (he rides a Yamaha R6 now). Shortly after the incident, I posted a satirical video of him lifting me from the crash (on my bike... I don't like to ride with passengers). The description of my video includes chapter...
  2. NomadLad

    Serious Drz Crash Video

    So this is a video of me crashing my DRZ a while back... I learned a lot from this crash, and it's made me a much better rider. I also learned that DRZ's are bulletproof, and I'm not... The only injuries aside from my pride was a badly bruised hip and some scar tissue from the sneaky wooden...
  3. IronicRbnd

    Funny Noob Fail, Smh

  4. Filthy

    General When Newbs Do Geek Mistakes!

    This is the second time I rode my bike and second time ever riding at that. EGO DESTROYED!

    Cars Crossing Center Line.

    What's your thoughts on cars not being able to keep in their lane? I recently have been seeing this happen lately and I have added a screenshot of this happening and a link to a video of the same instance. If you can't keep in the lane, maybe you should slow down? I try to think about my line...
  6. RangerRide

    Funny Tell Me Im Not The Only One To Do This

    i tried to control it whoops 0-0 lucky i bailed on it rookie mistake
  7. Ramblin'

    General Giveaway! / Honda Grom 1st Time Off-road & Crash

    Watch me take the Honda Grom 'Mini Dual Sport' Off-Road for the first time whilst talking about a GIVEAWAY! :D It was way way too much fun!!! Even the crash was fun!! heheh GIVEAWAY DETAILS How To Enter: 1. SUBSCRIBE! (If you haven't already) No need to prove this (freedom) lol 2. SHARE this...
  8. Shadowfoot

    Why To Have Armored Gloves **graphic**

    Hello , I had a accident on my KLR650 due to a random pulling out in front of me (there at fault)0 I had on Plated armor + Padded Vega jacket , Full helm Armored knee pads and Steel toe boots .. but didnt have any hand protection... THIS IS WHY YOU NEED THEM Remember that no matter HOW...
  9. RangerRide

    Aye From Arizona!

    hey their guys im a new motovlogger from tucson az i have a gnarly wreck on their to if ya wanna see me almost die xD my channel is Ranger Rides so hmu if ya wanna chat yo
  10. Ramblin'

    General Honda Grom Crash And Off-road Teaser!

    Got a little too confident with the new mini dual sport Grom set up! ;) hehehe :D
  11. Sidewinder

    General Honda Accord Vs Chevy Camaro. (crash)

    Out on a ride and came across this accident.
  12. CDA441

    General Lane Splitting Like A Maniac And A Tram Crashes Into A Car

    Here's a video on how I lanesplit and filter through traffic when in a hurry. I don't recommend riding like me, but I know these routes very well because it's my daily commute to and from school. This day I was exclusivly riding with both my panniers on the side, which widens my bike a lot...
  13. Mosin636

    Serious 2 For 1 Crash Special - Mosin Eats Shit

    Group ride with a few guys and two people eat shit, One of them being me... Im ok, bikes ok, More videos to come including damage report. Instagram - Mosin636 Location - Lexington, KY Motorcycles - CBR600RR
  14. IronicRbnd

    Serious Motorcycle Crash

  15. RiderSquad

    Serious Gsx 1000 Got Crash On Sunday Morning Ride

    2 of my friend got crash on same area, just 2 sec after ninja got crash, gsx 1000 crash on same place.
  16. Pigs

    Serious Ambulance Almost Causes Crash

    Ambulance comes around blind corner on the wrong side of road. Not to many ways it could end... I was checking my mirrors to see where the sirens were coming from so I didn't have my full attention straight ahead. Any recommendations on a possible way to avoid these situations is welcomed :)
  17. IronicRbnd

    Serious Cbr500r Crash Vid

    check it out:

    Funny How To Ride A Totaled Motorcycle | Ridingwithtom

    So most know I crashed a while back on my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650. What you may not know is that she had one last ride while totaled. In order to move the bike from the crash site to the location for the tow truck RidingWithTom so graciously offered to ride her. I had one of my gopro's still...
  19. SighBored

    Serious How To Almost Screw Your Day Up

    Praise the Motorcycle Gods for saving my punk @$$!
  20. IronicRbnd

    Serious Crash Video

    Crashed back in October 2015, lived to ride another day thankfully
  21. Clint Love

    My Buddy Wrecked Last Night (pix)

    Long story short, my buddy was exiting off the highway. The car in front of him suddenly decided they didn't want to exit and STOPPED ON THE RAMP so they could try and cross over the dividers and get back on the highway. He managed to get around them, but he hit some gravel and the bike got out...
  22. Carmo

    Serious Motorcycle Crash Narrowly Avoided

    G'day all, Hopefully you are able to take something away from my little 'experience' I had during a road trip earlier this year and yes; you get to see the footage (I'm not click baiting!). But more importantly I go on to talk about what I learned from this situation and how I many change...
  23. JohnnyGrom

    General Grom Crashes In Sand!!!

    Like and Subscribe!!!
  24. F

    Meet & Greet - Post Your Channel/video Here!

    Hey, Guys. My name's Fooligan, and I'm a new motovlogger. My channel involves stunt riding and trouble-making while riding a 2015 Honda Grom. I've created this thread in an effort to meet fellow motovloggers, and have a place to share our work! If you're a motovlogger, drop your channel name...
  25. Grimfaith

    Serious (not Mine) Red Light Hit And Run

    Give the author some thumbs up! I found this and thought it was insanity. To save you from researching, the rider was ok, he only had a concussion and road rash. The driver was under 18, she did a hit and run, and then returned after getting her parents. Authors youtube ...

    Serious Car Almost Kills Motorcyclist

    On my way home when this driver almost made me T Bone him. So glad I had started slowing down already since I could not see on the other side of the truck. Fucking mere inches from hitting this car. Crashing my motorcycle would not be a good Monday. Almost crashing was enough for me. Stay safe...

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