1. A

    Somethings to Look in Motovlogging Camera

    Video clip plays a considerable role in your motovlogging, so you'll need an exceptional cam. You want to prevent a sincere rookie mistake of just looking for a device with the greatest resolution. As opposed to that, pay additional attention to other elements: Field of view -- Activity video...
  2. LoneWolfer

    The Pro Nomad Vlog Case for Gopro

    Saw this product and thought it might appeal to those vloggers who use the Gopro Mic Adapter Dongle so that you can have it securely mounted with the camera rather than off to the side with velcro or what have you.
  3. Sharktank

    General 360 Vr Camera Ride Through Tampa, Fl

    Really good time learning to do this tonight. The sound from the 360 mic was atrocious with the wind, so I took it all out and subbed in the music. I hear this is best viewed with a vr headset, but one could scroll around with your fingers, or mouse arrow.
  4. Ironside

    Feedback Needed When One Camera Is Never Enough

    Especially for @R-Rated I even have some timelapse in there (becoming a superfan). What does everyone think of 'Tarmac Cam'?
  5. R-Rated

    Funny Camera Angles Gone Wrong

    Just poking a bit of fun at our genre of YouTube. This is a spoof video. Feel free to come up with some of your own bad angles. Who knows, there might be a new trend just waiting perhaps? - Have Fun
  6. Joey Repo

    Camera Mount Preference

    Hello fellow vloggers wondering what is your camera preference? I currently have the mount in front on the chin on the helmet for a more POV. Everyone has a different taste. I would like to hear them.
  7. R-Rated

    General Rear Camera Saved My Butt

    So, my neck has been killing me the last couple of weeks triggering migraines. We had a long ride to shoot for the chapter. I decided to wear my chest mount but forgot to add another link to compensate for the lower saddle. So here is what I ended up with footage wise....
  8. WingManGT

    General New Camera Angle, New Mic Setup, Less Wind Noise And Lots Of Enthusiasm

    Hi guys, I've posted a new video yesterday trying a bunch of stuff based on your suggestions and a bit of research. I now have a new camera angle showing more of the environment (now shooting in 1080p60 SuperView), I've moved my microphone again and added a chin curtain, so wind noise shouldn't...
  9. AmpdMoto

    General Camera Changes

  10. O

    Lf Discrete, Pov Camera

    No, I'm not a peeping tom. I'm experimenting with some new camera angles as I move into a different style/genre of vlogging, and I'd love to get the POV camera happening as an additional view I can cut to in videos. I've experimented with a gopro-on-a-hat and it's worked great for some things...
  11. JScrambler

    Camera Color Settings?

    Do you use the default color settings and let the camera do everything for you? Or do you record without anything done in camera and color grade in post? It seems like color grading would add a lot of time into your work flow.
  12. HDMOTO

    Guide How I Use Adobe Camera Raw.

  13. JScrambler

    Camera Mount On Shoei Rf-1200?

    Anyone else out there have this helmet? I'm having trouble finding a mounting location. This helmet have angles along the areas that would normally be smooth. Which is keeping the gopro mount from sticking to the surface.
  14. dandoolittle

    What Action Camera You Have, What Do You Want, What Did You Have?

    i think I can guess the answers but lets see what people are using, action camera wise Use this format please Main camera is Sena 10c. For me it's just easy to use everyday and practical for everyday use. Downside is that it's quite hard to switch between settings on the device and a...
  15. J-R0j0!

    Motovlog Noob

    hey guys. Been riding for about 5+ years now. I want to be able to video my adventures. I have no idea where to start. I have a 2015 Harley Street 750, no aftermarket yet. Looking to put a forward facing and rider facing camera, also a mic (just a phone holder right now on the handlebars). What...
  16. R-Rated

    General New Camera Angle

    On group rides, I noticed that I seemed to only capture a few bikes up front and a couple behind me. So I decided to try this point of view.

    Australia Nsw Camera Law ?

    I have heard a few things abou this. Not too much, can someone please inform me of the actual law before i go spend money on something i can't use. thank you
  18. HippoDrone

    Camera Alignment

    If you use the same camera in multiple applications it may be worth marking the mount with the alignment point for each use. I run mine in my car and that is easy to align but on my bike even with a screen it can be a pain to know exactly where to angle it if it gets knocked etc.
  19. jthomas

    General New Camera To The Mix

    Added a GoPro Hero 4 Session as an extra view to my vlogs. Motovlog of my first road test of it.
  20. Phaedrus

    Camera & Comms Set-up - Noob's First Stab

    Hi. This is what I have in mind for a video-recording set-up on my bike. I'm not initially intending to vlog or publish - I just want to record video & voice audio on some of my rides for now. I want an integrated system for all my comms & video stuff, preferably all controlled from a hub of...
  21. BehindBars

    Feedback Needed Gopro 5 Session + New Camera Angles

    First test with my new GoPro Hero5 Session, Hero 4 Silver mounted on the bars. Comments/feedback on the new angle appreciated :D
  22. LaneSplitr

    Gopro Hero 3 Black And 3+ Silver - Two Camera Bundle W/ Accessories

    I currently have this bundle listed on eBay, but I'd be happy to deal outside of eBay to avoid fees. Got a new GoPro setup that isn't compatible with the Hero3 ecosystem. Looking for $400 for everything. Located in West Los Angeles area. eBay item number: 172394989061 Description: Selling...
  23. whingnut

    Shifted My Camera Mount

    Ok shifted is a nice way to say my camera fell the fuck off. so i remounted it but i did so in a different position. now its lower and more forward of my helmet just under the visor on the right side. before it was attached behind my visor on the right side and angled out to the right about 15...
  24. renegade1987

    General Stolen Bikes And Camera Mounts

    exactly what is says on the tin, with a little extra look into my personal life :-)
  25. Scootnfool

    So I Got A New Camera

    Got my Sena prism tube from Revzilla today. Having a bit of trouble with the audio, but I think I need to wrap the microphone like I did with the previous one. I'm still experimenting, but the video is good and it seems much more solid than the el cheapo "no pro" I had before. I've posted an...
  26. BlakShadow

    Hit And Run Caught By Motovlogger

    This just came across a local riders FB group I'm on. Motovlogger RPSTV heard a crash behind him, then witnessed the hit and run. He took off after the runner and got his plate and the driver's face on video. Then he went back to the scene of the crime, swapped contact info with the victim...
  27. Tank Snake

    Is This The End Of Gopro And Motovlogging?

    I've heard mixed answers on this guy's. Does the hero 5 not have external mic capabilities? I can't imagine them ever putting it back on the gopro if this one doesn't have it. I don't think it's to widely used in the professional environment either. so is this the end for gopro and...
  28. R-Rated

    Front End Noise Caught On Camera

    Harley's are noisy but there are some sounds that really need to be paid attention to. So I kept hearing my bike sing and one dealer missed the problem during a front tire change. I took it to a second dealer . . . Be sure to get your bike checked if you hear this.
  29. MotoMisc

    Favorite Camera Angles

    Curious too find out whats the favorite angles you like videos to be in while doing vlogs(not scenery or bike showings). I do understand it all comes down to editing but I like it when it changes from infront to helmet etc, but i've seen alot of plastic mounted cameras aswell on the fenders etc =)

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