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    Review KTM 790 Duke - Super fun - loved it.

    This was a cracking little bike. I really enjoyed it and felt it was more fun than the bigger nakeds by far.
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    Review XDiavel - musclebike unlike any other?

    I have drooled over the looks of the Diavels. When rumors that H-D was trying to buy Ducati, I was hopeful. When H-D killed the V-Rod, this was the bike I saw as a possible close match. So was I wrong or is a hot Italian mistress something I need to hold off on getting just yet...
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    Review Sportster is not what it used to be?

    @LoneWolfer and @HeyItsRick You two being a couple of Sportster riders, what has your experience been? I know these are popular as fast as Harley-Davidson goes in the UK. Maybe HD is just giving up?
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    Review 2018 Fatboy Review. Mr G beat me to it but...

    Before everyone gets excited that this may be some fashion tips for us former male is a bike review. @Mr. G has a version too and we both noticed something off...
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    Review Wanted - Perfect Bike. Position Still Open.

    I admit my current bike is not perfect. That is unless you like the smell of burnt trousers legs. I also realize that some of you would be appalled to dock a behemoth in your garage. However, some folks like big bikes and this is for them. You skinny bike folks can enjoy it too if you wish. :p...
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    Review Oh My - Fz-10

    A liter bike? But I am a Harley rider so did I loose my mind? Yes and yes, been gone for a while . . .

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