1. chrisw959

    Comfort Clips Attached And Hidden

    So I brought myself a CTEK charger based on the fact that I've been borrowing a family members. But I'm not a fan of the crocodile clips so I fitted the comfort clips. Pretty pleased since you can't see it even with the panel on. Plus cause its cabled tied where the wire starts so I have room...
  2. SonicMoto

    Leaving The Battery In Bike Throughout Winter?

    So My ninja 300 is apartment parked, no power or place to chain the bike up, so my security is a GPS module that runs off the battery (Ride core S system). Thing is, over winter, I planned on bringing the battery in to place on a battery tender. that however disables my security which is the...
  3. Shifty

    Ghost -s Extended Battery Life Tip.

    Although the camera outlasts the GoPro by double, when my battery ran eventually ran out I just connected the camera via a USB cable to a powerful battery bank 8400 KA (Pebble) charger in my pocket and then it lasted the rest of the day.
  4. thunderous71

    Drift Ghost S Battery

    The battery on my Drift Ghost S is starting to fail, anyone tried one of the third party compatible drift batteries out there and are the worth getting? Ta!
  5. dandoolittle

    New Anker High Capacity Power Bank

    Link: Anker Power Pack that is massive!! They claim it will keep a phone charged for a week! " Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with Most Powerful 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy and More (Black)" I'm a massive fan of Anker. I have a couple of their packs but...

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